5 Supplements Active Women Should Take

FIT FRIDAYS: What Supplements Active Women Should be Taking while on a Fitness Program? and WHY?!

Supplements is one of those topics that very few women seem to understand. Supplementation goes hand in hand with nutrition, because the truth is, even on the healthiest diet, you are still not getting all of the necessary nutrients your body needs daily. If you know the importance of them and have done your research,  good for you girlfriend, you’re ten steps ahead of most ladies.  Keep scrolling for some great deals on these five supplements active women like you should take.

I’m going to walk through the current supplements I’m taking and since I’ve done some research to find the best prices, I still haven’t found any shop that beats Bodybuilding.com! Don’t believe me? Go to your nearest GNC, or Google it for yourself! Just make sure you are comparing containers of the same weight. Which by the way, I always buy the largest container because you end up saving in the long run. I take these supplements daily so I definitely try to get the best deal possible.

But if you do happen to find a better deal somehow, share the wealth with a sista and comment below 😉

3.11.16 supplements active women

List of Supplements Active Women Need and Reasons to be Taking Them:

1. Protein

Are you surprised this one is number one? These are a few of MANY reasons you need to supplement with a protein powder or protein isolate ( I prefer isolate because I usually don’t need any extra carbs in my diet and these are just pure protein with hardly any carbs, if any)

Why you should invest in a good protein powder?

  • You will feel fuller longer throughout the day
  • You need about 1 g of protein per lb of body weight to maintain all the hard work you do at the gym. So if you weigh 130 lbs, you should be taking 130 g of protein a day minimum. I challenge you to track your intake of protein, guaranteed you are probably falling short.
  • If you are trying to cut calories, you need protein to lose FAT and not muscle weight. Most women are so stuck on the number on the scale and when it goes down, they think YAY I’m skinnier, when the reality is she’s probably just lost more muscle weight than much fat.
  • Do you want muscle definition? You need protein after your workouts to repair the muscles you’ve torn so they come back sexy and fierce :).
  • Check out additional articles related to protein for women if you need further convincing

My absolute favorite protein isolate? Iso100 in the flavor Birthday Cake ! It dissolves so easily and taste good even mixed with water, even though I still prefer it with some almond milk! They have other flavors that are even higher rated, like Gourmet Chocolate or Orange Dreamsicle so pick your poison! Click on the image below to check them out!

supplements for women

2. Multivitamin

A good multivitamin will fill in all the gaps that your nutrition alone can’t and won’t . Not having all of the the micro nutrients your body requires can result in decrease of energy, and really hinder your goals of fat loss and building that toned, attractive body you want! Even Harvard says so haha! Check out these additional articles if you want to research this more. This Opti-Women has been my favorite I have taken! Price point isn’t bad either :). Click on the image to see the options!


supplements for women

Additional Resources

3. Omega 3 Fish Oil

The first time I heard about taking FISH oil in a capsule I was EW yeah right, I HATE fishy ANTYHING! Eventually I read about all the benefits and sucked it up and took them even though I hated the fishy burps afterwards. But guess what?! I found an amazing brand on Amazon that promises to not give you the fish burps and for that alone you should really consider these. Just read the reviews if you’re not convinced. Some of the benefits of Omega 3s:

  • Known to help high stress levels and anxiety and mood support
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aids with fat burning
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Bone health support

supplements for women

Additional Resources:

4. Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

This is one of my favorite supplements to take, because I bought two tubs on sale on bb.com that also have natural energy, and heaven knows I need all the energy I can get. Not to mention they taste super good! For me personally, I saw a huge difference when I started my last program, got sick a week into it and even though I couldn’t make it to the gym, I still took my BCAAs every day. When I got back into the grind after almost two weeks, I was still able to have an explosive workout and lift the same weights I was before! Normally, if I take that long off for whatever reason, I end up backtracking and lose some muscle and strength. Not with BCAAs!

Here are some other key reasons you should be supplementing with BCAAs:

  • Aids in the recovery of your muscles after a workout so you can have better endurance in your next sweat sesh.
  • Since it helps your muscle recovery, you won’t be as sore the next day or two.
  • To see the best effects, take during and/or after your workout. I recently started taking them during as well and feel a difference in my workouts.

This is the one I’m currently taking and I’m loving it! I bought the Watermelon and Fruit Punch and both are so good! They are on sale right now, and on top of that theres a Buy 1 get 50% off deal you should check out. That’s why I got two.

supplements for women

I also really liked the second one, EVOL. Others I have gotten sick of the flavor quickly but these, not so! Note that these all have natural caffeine and stimulants
Supplements for women

Additional Articles

5. Pre Workout (Use Sparingly)

Now, before you go all crazy and buy one and start taking this every day when I first discovered this supplement, please know that it’s not ok to become dependent on ANYTHING, because eventually your body will get used to it and need more of it for it to actually work. Yeah, kind of like a drug. Most pre workouts do have caffeine and other stimulants in them and so it can become easy to be dependent on them, especially after you see how big of a difference it makes in your endurance. I started seeing this in myself, and I didn’t like the feeling. So now I only take pre workout when I know I have a long, hard workout ahead of me and will need that extra boost, or when I’m just absolutely exhausted and have no energy to go workout. If I’m just doing a short workout or just cardio, I skip it. I know I don’t need it for that. I just take some BCAAs with me and that’s plenty!

That being said, here are my three favorites I’ve tried, taste and efficiency being my two most important factors.

supplements for women

I loved Watermelon and Fruit Punch. Haven’t tried any others.

supplements for women

I tried the Blueberry and Pink Lemonade, didn’t like them. Fruit Punch was good!

supplements for women

I loved the flavor Cherry Limeade in this one!

So that’s it. Those are the five supplements I take that have given me the greatest results. There are many others out there, and I’ve tried quite a bit. However, these are good to start with, and the most essential ones. Trying to juggle more than this and you will lose your mind, or just get overwhelmed and give up. If you have a hard time with just five, I challenge you to make a habit of taking at least the first three on the list and go from there!

Are you taking supplements? Which ones do you love? Comment below!



3.11.16 supplements active women





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  1. I have the Omega3 fish oil omg its so great really help me alot when am stressed and when i want to improve my skin tone but mine is a different brand but i will love to get this brand when am done with the one i have nice one sweet i love all the products

    1. Thanks so much Mercy! And yes, this fish oil has crazy awesome reviews on Amazon so it’s definitely worth a shot, so many benefits as you have already seen! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I hear the Omega Fish Oil is great but I have not used it. We do not have a GNC in Austria, but I can order these of Amazon so I am going to look into that as well as the Opti-Women. Thank you

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