Apart from creating and running the blog HEELS AND BEAUTY DEALS,  I am also an Style and Confidence Coach and can help you one on one on your individual needs if you want something more personalized and catered to you. You can check out more of my story and see my services by clicking the button below.

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My biggest passion is helping women feel and become their most beautiful and radiant version of themselves, inside AND out. I have undergone her own personal transformation inside and out the hard, and long way.

I have struggled with self-esteem and self-image issues from a very young age. This ignited a desire in me to change my situation, and research what makes people confident and beautiful, even if they don’t have model-like looks. I have read many books, consulted with beauty and fitness professionals, tried many MANY products and programs and through trial and error have found what works for me!  I have helped many do this as well, and  I want to help you do the same with whatever resources you have and get you to your optimum fitness and self-image you see for yourself.

Why choose me over others? I have been right in your same shoes that you are now. I have walked your steps, felt your pains and what keeps you up at night, kept me up for many years as well.  I have found the strategies that work and have helped others to love what they see every time they look in the mirror, and feel full confidence in being more visible in their business, and their life.

Looking beautiful and attractive isn’t just about your appearance. I will help you achieve the confident mindset as well, to match your new look. I have also learned how to get monetary returns on beauty investments and can’t wait to teach you my strategies and put money back in your pocket.

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Visit Desiree Crowley’s site.

Professional Bio

Desiree graduated from Brigham Young University in 2014 in Psychology and Management. She also worked in the corporate 9-5 in International Market Management, and soon realized the corporate world was not her passion or my dream.  However, she gained very valuable business knowledge and managerial skills, which have now transferred over to her own coaching business to help women  all over the world look and feel their best from the inside out.

She is also happily married to a very handsome and skilled financial guru, Matthew Crowley, who you can also check out for any financial and accounting services.



Heels and Beauty Deals

HEELS AND BEAUTY DEALS  is a modern fashion, beauty and fitness blog that not only provides tips and tricks in these three areas, but also great deals and ways to save on your quest to look your very best! HnBD was started from an early love of beauty and fashion, met with very limited resources and budget to satiate that passion. Coming from a single parent, low-income home, Desiree realized she had to not only get creative, but also develop a keen eye for deals and steals on great quality apparel and beauty products. And that’s exactly what she’s done for the past 14 years. She decided it was time to start sharing these great finds with the world, and that’s how HEELS AND BEAUTY DEALS began! Hope you enjoy and find great value in what I share.

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