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My active wear posts are some of my favorites to do, because, as of lately, I pretty much live in leggings and tennis shoes. Working from home to build up my own business has its pros and cons, and this is most definitely one of the cons. So I have quickly become bored of my usual outfits, and finding great deals for you guys has been so helpful for me as well. I want to share with you my current wish list.

Active Wear 1.8.2016

I’m such a gold lover, (not digger k?) and especially rose gold in particular. So I’m totally loving these rose gold print Nike tees I keep seeing everywhere recently. I love pairing white tees with some bright and fun-patterned leggings like these here. I’ve also been wearing my one pair of Nikes over and over, and I’ve been wanting a pair of black ones to break up the pink and salmon colors. I added an armband because I really consider this to be a must for me and my current one has had its fair share of use. Funny enough, I hardly actually wear it on my arm. But it’s great to have the option and I just use it to protect my phone at the gym. I use my phone quite a bit since I love tracking my workouts on the BodySpace app as I’m doing them.

By the way, if you haven’t checked this app out, I highly recommend it as a workout tracker. If you find a plan you like on, even better, because you’ll have your workouts ready to go every day. I have been on various programs from that site for a few years now, and they didn’t always have such a great app like now. If you want more details on this, comment below and I’ll gladly tell you more about it.

I have to mention that these crisp black Nikes are on sale right now for just $70. Tennis shoes is another one of those few items on my list of “splurge-worthy” but that doesn’t mean I don’t still look for a great deal! I just make sure I look for a high quality deal if you know what I mean.

And I have one more active wear outfit for you guys today. I’m loving all the Nike deals so I can’t resist adding another “wish list.”

Active Wear Grouping 1.8.2016

How have you been doing on your resolutions so far? Girl, they better be going great, it’s only been eight days lol. Leave some comments below!




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