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Well, it’s been a good while hasn’t it? I couldn’t browse through all the amazing Amazon deals I’m finding right this second and not share them with you. So here I am after a long hiatus. If you want to see what I’m up to, I update my Instagram a lot more regularly, and we should definitely connect there anyway if we haven’t already.

That being said, I want to jump to the good stuff. A lot of these deals I’m finding are only available for the next couple hours, so I would get a move on if you want in on some sweet savings!

I will start with my favorite Health and Fitness deals. If you are only interested in the Beauty deals, just click HERE to jump straight there!

First is ISOPURE Whey Protein Isolate unflavored. Why unflavored you ask? Just compare the ingredient deck with the ones that are flavored. Way too many added chemicals and artificial sweeteners like Sucralose that I have learned to stay away from. I add Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that tastes WAY better than Stevia in my opinion, and if I want to make a really awesome shake, just add a frozen banana (or any fruit of choice, banana just taste best with PB), peanut butter to taste, unsweetened almond milk, and Xylitol like I just mentioned. Or you can make some awesome healthy AND delicious protein bars. My favorite for sure is this Carrot Protein Bar recipe from Jaime Eason,. You can also use applesauce instead of carrot baby food if that’s your preference. Both taste amazing and even my picky step-kids gobble them up like candy.

Next up is Probiotics! If you are thinking, why the heck should I bother with this, or think, ew, take bacteria in pill form? Think again. The benefits for your gut health here are innumerable, but here are some key mention-worthy ones:

  • Helps in digestion
  • Helps absorb all the nutrients and vitamins from the foods you eat.
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves mental clarity and brain function

I found this one for 42% off right now!

The next one is FISH OIL! Read this post I wrote on supplements awhile ago to see why its so important to take this supplement, especially if you are physically active. I love this one, which happens to be a best seller on Amazon, because, hello? who wants fish burps?

Fourth, is a supplement I take religiously every single morning before breakfast with my 8oz of water called L-Carnitine. Why is this one so great? While you still need to be sure that your diet is where it should be, this little pill will help take fat to your muscles to be burned as energy. Basically, it helps in getting your unwanted fat moving and actually used up as you exercise and even after. Why WOULDN’T you want that? 🙂

The last one in this category would be Caffeine Pills. I work out six times a week and I lift heavy and still usually do 30 minutes of cardio afterwards. I have been taking pre-workouts for years, and in the last couple years I started thinking that there’s no way that taking a pre-workout every single can be good for me. I would search for things online but never found anything that came out and said, you will get heart disease, or cancer, or anything of the sort so I just kept taking them because I loved the energy and pump I got from it. Recently, I decided to stop taking anything with artificial sweeteners like sucralose, and well, I have yet to find a pre-workout that is void of this AND doesn’t taste like butt. So that wasn’t an option anymore.

I have since switched to caffeine pills, paired with BCAAs and Glutamine to drink DURING my work out and I am loving the results and how I’m feeling! I have done some research, and for the normal human, 400mg of caffeine a day is in the safe range. I don’t take this much anyway, but just one pill and my BCAAs get me through my workout just great! After all, most of us are just after that energy factor in pre-workouts, but just decide now to skip on all those nasty chemicals and sweeteners that come along with them. These are the ones I’ve gotten, and one before a workout has been perfect. If I’m feeling low on energy and I’ve already worked out or don’t plan on it that day, I just chop one of these in half and take one half of it and feel great!

I got these because of the price, reviews, and its a best seller. And I agree with all of it after my purchase.


And since I did mention BCAAs, this is the one I’m drinking now. But I must warn you, do NOT expect it to taste like candy. I add some extra xylitol to make it a little better.  However, there’s no nasty sucralose or anything of the sort, AND it has glutamine. These two together are a muscle recovery powerhouse!


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