How to Style Ankle Boots

 How to Style Ankle Boots – by Blair Barrett

I’ve never been a boot girl.  I have muscular calves and shopping for boots that fit AND look right has left me a little exhausted.  I was slightly skeptical about the ankle boot trend when it first got going.  I’m all for accentuating slim ankles and this style seemed like it would have the opposite effect.  BUT I also needed some dang boots because I was not about to go through another Utah winter in loafers and ballet flats!

I’m a girl who likes variety and options, so I decided on a few different colors to look for.  I wanted some boots with fringe.  Because who doesn’t want a slice of that trend right now?  Then I needed a simple brown pair and a black pair.

Stylish Ankle Boot Suede 1.6.2016

I found these fringed ankle boots at Payless for $35.

No, they are not real suede, but keep in mind that these are not “classic” boots and will go out of style within a couple seasons.  For that reason, I never spend much on trendy items.  Instead I got some weather-proofing spray to protect the material from rain and snow.

Stylish Ankle Boot Black Leather 1.6.2016Stylish Ankle Boot Brown Leather 1.6.2016

My brown and black pairs I found on… would you believe it? I’m not an avid Wal Mart shopper, but I won’t deny a good deal.  Each pair was under $20 and I’ve been really impressed with the quality and comfort of them both!

So now that I have my trendy AND flattering little ankle boots, how do I wear them?

Ankle Boots + Jeans

PLEASE don’t tuck your jeans into your ankle boots.  This actually causes your legs to look shorter and widens your ankle.  If your jeans are long, then cuff them a tiny bit so you have a little bit of your ankle showing.  READ: A LITTLE BIT OF YOUR ANKLE SHOWING.  Do not wear capris with your ankle boots.  The problem is that capris tend to stop around the widest part of your calf.  Combine that with a boot that hides the smallest part of your leg and what have you go?  Tree-trunk legs!  So to avoid that, make sure you wear a slim-fitting jean, give yourself about an inch of bare ankle above the top of your boot, and you’re good to go!

If you want to add something a little different to your look, I will occasionally wear some patterned socks with my rolled jeans and ankle boots.  It’s a fun way to add something extra if your outfit is pretty basic.

Ankle Boots + Leggings and Tights

In the case of leggings and tights, DO tuck them into your boots!  This will actually elongate your leg and accentuate your slim ankles.

Ankle Boots + Dresses and Skirts

Ankle boots look great with loose-fitting shirt dresses, flirty A-line dresses and knee-length skirts.  You can definitely wear them with a midi skirt or dress, but you do need to be careful that you choose a silhouette that doesn’t shorten your legs.  Remember the problem with capris?  A midi skirt that goes to the widest part of your calf and ankle boots that cover the smallest part of your ankle will leave you looking like you have – what?  That’s right, tree-trunk legs!

So I hope I’ve given you a pretty solid understanding of the Do’s and Don’ts of ankle boots.  Here are a few other pairs that I just love – all under $50!

Stylish Ankle Boot Roundup 1.6.2016

Listed from Top Left to Right and then down.





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  1. These days I just dress for comfort. I’ve forgotten what style and trends are and how to flatter my body. I have some ankle boots but have long chicken legs and tiny ankles (and a short waist, so I look awkward in everything already). Now I can feel somewhat more proportioned with leaving my tight jeans in my boots.

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