Best Time to get deals on cocktail dresses

Deals on Cocktail Dresses

I wanted to take this opportunity to post some of our Valentine’s Day pics and also share with you some tips on the best time to get deals on cocktail dresses that can easily cost you and arm and maybe a leg to find one you really like. This will require some planning ahead but it’ll be worth it!

We had the best time at this live concert dinner event at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. The music was timeless, they played songs from just about every era, and the food was absolutely delicious! I’m drooling thinking about it again #fatkidprobs.

2.19.2015 Best Time to Get Deals on Cocktail Dress!

Best Time to Get Deals on Cocktail Dress!

I wish I had more pictures, but most of them came out super blurry and these were the best we could get. You can see the dress pretty clearly though. It fit so well, the only thing I would say is it rides up pretty easily when you’re moving around dancing like crazy like we were. I dealt with it but I’ll probably wear this to sit down events only from now on.

This particular dress I actually found by chance, but I saw the opportunity and seized it.  Just guess how much it cost me at Forever 21. Ready? I got it for a whopping $10!! It happened to be on sale right after the Christmas holidays in January when the store was trying to clear the holiday wear, and even though at that time I had no idea what I’d wear it for, it was my size, and totally within the budget. I had a hunch it would come in handy sometime! I felt super classy and sexy in it, pretty sure it did the trick just as well as a high end dress 10x the price!

I got so many compliments on Valentine’s Day on this little black dress. And I bet they would have never guessed how much it was unless I told them. Unfortunately, at that price, it sold out in a flash. This is why I always say, peruse the clearance rack, even if you aren’t needing anything for yourself right at the moment. You may end up finding your next favorite top, or like me, the perfect dress for my amazing V-Day date!

So what’s the best time for the best deals? For formal or holiday dresses, you need to shop right after the holidays. Usually January and sometimes February is when I have seen the best sales. It makes sense if you think about it. Stores have all these holiday dresses that didn’t sell in previous months, and they need to get rid of them to make room for the next season of apparel.  Just following this tip can seriously save you even hundreds of dollars on a great evening dress! I would check online and in stores right when January starts to have the best options.

This could present a challenge if you aren’t planning ahead though. If I had waited til the week of Valentine’s Day to find the perfect dress, I probably wouldn’t have found such a great discount on a dress I loved. I would have had to splurge on a dress that maybe fit me better, I liked more, etc, or  sacrificed that to make sure I stayed within budget.

I hope this was helpful to you. So remember, right now is the best time to get deals on cocktail dresses you will love and the price will love you back. You better hurry and look now since we are at the tail end of it.  Please share your awesome deals and finds when you buy them, I’d love to see them! Happy shopping! 🙂




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