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What’s so great about boyfriend jeans anyway? They aren’t all slim and sexy like our beloved skinny jeans. Number one reason? COMFORT! They are a bit looser fitting than our dear skinnies, but if worn right, they can look just as hot. The only thing I would be wary of is having them be too baggy, especially around your thighs, so be sure you get sized correctly for these depending on the store. You really will have to be mindful and know what is too big for you. Yes, these are meant to be slightly baggier for that, chic casual look, but they shouldn’t make you look like a thug from the hood. Unless that’s the look you’re shooting for, then GURL knock yourself out ;).

If you pair these with the right top and accessories, they may just become your new favorite pair of jeans. You really won’t have to try too hard to look stylish in these because just a few well-placed accessories and shoes and you’ll be slaying that boyfriend jeans trend J.

I compiled three of my favorite ways to wear it:

Boyfriend Jeans + Casual Crop Top

10.9.2015 The Boyfriend Jeans! Crop Tops!

This simple outfit is perfect for a casual, comfy day out. Boyfriend jeans and crop tops are perfect together, since these jeans tend to have higher waistlines which complement the shorter tops perfectly. To make this outfit even more fun, I chose a pair of white Converse. These retro sneakers really are timeless and are well-loved from small kids to older adults. You will probably want to wear these every day with pretty much every outfit possible. Luckily, in white, you probably CAN wear them with just about anything except maybe a cocktail dress, unless you’ve got that old-school Avril Lavigne look going for ya, then sure, knock yourself out ;).

Boyfriend Jeans + Long-sleeved blouse

10.9.2015 The Boyfriend Jeans! Long sleeved blouse!

Most looks I’ve found almost always pair the boyfriend jean with high heels. That is perfectly fine because it almost always looks great! However, that’s not practical or realistic for most situations. Unless you have a sit down office job where you are hardly on your feet, you’re going to want a cute pair of shoes that won’t rip your feet apart or have you in pain all day. That’s the inspiration for this second outfit. The combination of this nice button down striped blouse, which by the way is on sale right now for $16.99, matched with these adorable and fashionable red flats really balance out the baggier, boyish look of this jean.

This is a great outfit for you college students as well, that may have to walk quite a ways between classes, or even if you walk to campus period. I know I had plenty of steps logged in to my pedometer when I was in school still. Cute flats were always a need. This particular pair is only $16.53 right now. I’d probably tuck the blouse into the jeans on this one, but you can also get away with not having it tucked. Just play around with it, make sure you aren’t looking TOO baggy!

Boyfriend Jeans + Blazer + Pumps  10.9.2015 The Boyfriend Jeans! Top + Blazer + Pumps

Personally, this is my favorite look as far as boyfriend jeans go. Only because I can get away with wearing heels at my desk job since I’m sitting most of the day. I love it also because the boyfriend jeans are definitely very casual and laid back, so the blazer and heels really balance it and bring out a girly flirty side.These jeans also don’t need to break the bank. These particular one are on sale for just $24.99.

Also, you probably already have something similar to this cami top, and really, any shirt you love would do just fine with this look. Even a print shirt if you’re feeling extra girly. I know for me personally, the only thing I would really need to complete this look is the actual jeans. Play around with what you already have in your closet.

This combination of a blazer, high heels with boyfriend jeans really screams trendy sophisticated! Other ways you can style this is wearing a black blazer with black pumps if you have that to work with or prefer it. You can tuck the blouse into the jeans or not, it’s entirely up to you to get creative with it and fit to your personal style.

Tip: The way you cuff the end of the jeans will provide more style to the whole outfit, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You can go for a skinny, half or messy cuff, just play around with it and see which one looks great!

Don’t forget to comment your favorite ways to wear boyfriend jeans below! 🙂



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