Back to School Outfit Ideas

Summer is coming to an end, and I know most of you that are still in school are probably not super thrilled about it, especially you college students who are just ready to get out and get into the real world. Been there, done that, and yes, making a full-time salary is really wonderful, but I do miss the social aspect and certain classes I actually found quite interesting once I was in my Psychology major. So enjoy that while you can! However, keep reading for some outfit ideas you might just get excited about!

I remember being in college and the beginning of every Fall semester, I always did feel like I had to make a great first impression. Not just on any potential eternal companions that may just happen to be disguised as a cute, brainy boy sitting next to me in my Statistics class, but also on my professors and possible teammates. I was a Psychology major, and many of my classes involved group projects. I wanted to look good, and to me that meant, fashionable, hair and makeup done to the best of my ability, but at the same time I still wanted to be approachable and like I had SOME kind of brains :).

One of the silliest things that kept me going to classes then was wearing outfits I looked good in. So when I walked out of the dreaded testing center, having studied my butt off but still bombed my test, I could be like, HEYY at least I looked FIONE failing that exam. Haha, but seriously.

Jokes aside, a great outfit can really impact your self-esteem and how confident you feel strutting into your classes those first few days. Here are some I would personally wear if I was still in school now (PS- I just recently graduated last spring, I’m not totally out of the scene yet).

Casual Striped Blouse + Jeans

8.11.2015 College Back to School Outfit Ideas - Jeans

This outfit is nothing crazy, but with a nice, fitted striped shirt, cute sandals like these, and your favorite skinny jeans, you will feel confident and sexy that first day! It won’t look like you were trying to hard, but this bag I found will really bring some color to this neutral outfit. This lovely bag is big enough to fit a small laptop or tablet, and it’s on sale right now for around $32!

Flowy Dress + Jacket

8.11.2015 College Back to School Outfit Ideas - Dress + Jacket

I love bright plain dresses paired with denim jackets. This one is girly, and since it’s just barely the end of summer, this bright yellow is totally welcoming and just lovely! Whenever I want to wear a dress, but don’t want to look SUPER dressed up, I just make sure I stay away from high heels and just opt for sandals or flats.

Floral Romper + Cardigan

8.11.2015 College Back to School Outfit Ideas - Romper + Cardigan

Floral and lace is just perfect! I’m such a big fan of both separately, but together, it’s really a match made in heaven. The lace cardigan makes this appropriate for the classroom. Rompers are quite in style still, and they are super comfy! Cute AND comfy? That’s a total win in my book and a perfect option for a back-to-school outfit.

Polka dot Blouse + Shorts

8.11.2015 College Back to School Outfit Ideas - Blouse + Shorts


I’m just slightly obsessed with polka dots, and have been for quite some years actually. They are always in, think about it! When is it NOT ok to wear polka dots? They are just so classy, and I love wearing either white or colored jeans to match them. I put this together to just give you an idea. You probably already have some bottoms that would work, but this shirt is so cute and very affordable! Just $16 on sale right now! Personally, I would wear this with this light pink cardigan I bought a few months ago to bring this together with the purse, but that’s totally optional. The combination of shorts and sneakers is another easy outfit to wear when you’re on the go but still want to look cute. Also, these Keds would actually be a great investment for just under $50 if you know you would wear these often. They are super casual, so in my case, its a great buy!

Print Top + Grid Skirt

8.11.2015 College Back to School Outfit Ideas - Top + Skirt


High waisted anything is in right now!  This high-waist plaid skirt is no exception. Looks so fab, right? Plus, with fall just around the corner, the boots look really cute and are totally appropriate for this time of year.

I hope everyone has such a great time starting this new semester/school year. If you’re a freshman, I wish you the best of luck! That’s the year I made many of my bestest friends now and had SUCH a blast.  If you’re a junior or senior, just take it all in, college seriously goes by so fast. Even if it takes you a long time like me to finish because you went through like 40 majors before sticking with one. Even if you go on to grad school, it’s not the same experience.  Enjoy all the “dumb” dance parties, be social, fail a class (or don’t lol), and other things you’re probably scared of now. Everything will work out, and looking back, all the stress I put myself through really wasn’t necessary and it certainly didn’t help any.

If you’d like to share any outfit ideas, or anything about your college days, your fears of college, etc, feel free to comment below! 🙂



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