Crop tops: Seven Ways to wear this fall

Seven Ways to Wear Crop Tops This Fall 

Is it just me or are crop tops literally everywhere right now? I swear there’s not a day that passes that I don’t see a girl wearing one. I can’t say I blame them though. Crop tops can be really cute because they add instant style to otherwise simple or plain outfits.

But the warm sun is slowly getting out of sight, which may be a scary thing for my fellow crop top lovers. Well guess what? You can still wear them for a few more months by pairing them with the right jackets or blazers like you will see in some of the outfits below.

This led me to some ideas on how to style them so you can continue to wear them in the coming fall or even winter months. Check em out!

Floral Crop Top + Jeans + Boots

9.25.2015 Crop Tops! Jean + Boots

This casual style is probably the simplest way you can wear crop tops this fall. Paired with some brown boots, it gives it that fall feel for sure. If you need to, you can easily add an off-white cardigan or sweater to stay warm. Even here in Utah, I can usually get away with just wearing a cardigan up until late November/December. This floral top is a perfect fall design with the green and pink-brown shades. Love it!

Also, how about that floral watch? So stinkin cute, they have a few other colors as well on the AERO website linked below. And at just $12.99, you pretty much NEED this in your repertoire.

Crop Top + Boyfriend jeans + Cardigan + Pumps

9.25.2015 Crop Tops! Cardigan + Crop Top + Pumps

Boyfriend jeans and crop tops are best friends. Seriously, they’re a match made in heaven with the high waist of the boyfriend jean! I’m loving this embroidered crop top at just $14.99.  This outfit really comes together with the long cardigan that matches the pumps. For $19.67, you can’t beat the value! You probably already have black pumps like these, but if you don’t, SheIn as usual has some affordable ones just for you!

Polka Dot Crop Top + Drawstring Pants + Scarf

9.25.2015 Crop Tops! Polka Dots + Comfy Pants + Flats +Scarf

Aside from leggings, drawstring pants are also becoming really popular these days. Have you tried wearing a pair? They’re really so so comfortable! They’re usually paired with high heels to dress them up, but I’m picking flats for this one. You go with what feels comfortable to you. I sure love my polka dots, this shirt is just $16.99, and with the right scarf and accessories, this combo can easily be dressed up.

Print Crop Top + Leather Jacket + White Pants + Booties

9.25.2015 Crop Tops leather jacket

Another cute way to style sleeveless crop tops is through the use of a leather jacket. Well, this jacket is another wardrobe essential for the fall season in my opinion so I highly suggest you try this one! I get compliments on my leather jacket every single time I wear it. Something about leather…hmm. This one here? Just under $50! Not bad for a leather jacket you’ll get much use of.


Cheetah + Denim Crop Top + Black Jeans

9.25.2015 Crop Tops! Cheetah + Denim + Black Jeans

For denim crop tops, black high-waisted skinny jeans is an awesome combo, but you can also pair them with maxi or midi skirts. I chose cheetah lace-up flats for just $30 for this outfit to really give this outfit some sass! Check out the matching Betsey Johnson watch too. So cute!

Lace White Crop Top + Polka Dot Pants + Heels

9.25.2015 Crop Tops! Lace White Crop Top + Polka Dot Pants + Heels

I just couldn’t resist these polka dots pants! They look incredibly comfy and paired with the right pumps and top, you’ve got the perfect casual, daytime outfit! I love how they look great from head to top to bottom. Who else agrees? The lace top is not ideal for the colder days so you will want to add a blazer or kimono to bring life (and warmth) to it.

Crop Top + Skirt in Sequins

9.25.2015 Crop Tops! Sequins

Obviously, this outfit is sequined from head to toe, so you probably shouldn’t wear it to the office. This is ideal if you have a formal party to attend. You can wear this all year round. I was thinking this is a perfect Christmas fancy party outfit. But any fancy party you’ve got, this is a great outfit that will ensure you get all the attention your diva little self deserves. I actually found this outfit on a site called, which I think I’m going to be checking out a little more closely as the holidays start creeping up on us. You can rent a great skirt or shirt like this for a great price and not have to go shell out the $300 you would if you bought it. Let’s be real, we don’t really want to re-wear any of our formal wear over and over anyway, so this is perfect and such a great idea.

Ok, this was a longer post, but it really goes to show everything you can do with crop tops this season. I am not one to show my midriff to be honest, so that’s why I put these outfits together in a way that I wouldn’t have to show any. If you rather show yours, you can easily customize the outfits to show some extra skin if you wish. That’s totally a personal decision.

Did you have a favorite? How do you dress a crop top? Leave some comments below J






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