Cyber Monday Fashion Deals hand-picked just for you!

This is the Cyber Monday Fashion Deals post. If you want to see the Beauty Deals, click HERE

Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap

Old Navy is having a 50% off everything sale. Gap and Banana Republic 40%  off everything sale!! Not bad! Here is a quick screenshot of the Banana Republic sale page. I like it.

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Banana Republic


Express is also having a 50% off that’s actually been going on since Friday. Except this is only online. Friday morning I made the 50% in-store sale by like ten minutes. Luckily we have that one thing called the internet and you can still get the deal 😉

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Express


Also, I mentioned Kohl’s up for beauty, but I’ve been in love with their LC Lauren Conrad line and they are doing 20% off everything. Check out her line here . If you like Juicy Couture, you need this deal as well through Kohl’s!

I recently got these leather leggings and no joke, I get several compliments EVERY single time I wear them. I’ve found myself reaching for these like every time we go out and I wanna feel sexy. ha. And, um, I did NOT get them at $12, so this is a certified STEAL!!!

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Kohls Lauren Conrad Line

Nordstrom Rack

Here is Nordstrom Rack’s ad. Extra 30% off clearance!

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Nordstrom Rack

Kate Spade

Kate Spade for all you fine ladies is having a 30% off everything online and in stores. Here is the code.

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Kate Spade

Asos is still doing a 20% off everything, a continuation of Black Friday!

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Asos!

J Crew

30-40% off

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! J. Crew

Bloomingdales: An extra 25% off sale items.

11.30.2015 Cyber Monday! Bloomingdales

That wraps up the Cyber Monday fashion deals roundup. I picked these specifically because these are my personal favorite stores and where I get most of my inspiration from. Once again, if you haven’t already seen the Cyber Monday beauty deals, click here. Happy Shopping!




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