ENGAGED!! How He Proposed!

Need I say more? I knew this would be an obligatory post. Mostly because whenever friends and family want to know how it all went down and see pictures, I can just direct them here to read the whole thing. I am more than happy to tell you all of how I got engaged and just became the future Mrs. Crowley.

I have to start by mentioning that my poor FIANCE has made two previous attempts at proposing, both of which I ruined. My birthday was April 23rd, and he had been originally thinking of doing it then. Something I’ve learned about Matt is he is not great at keeping secrets from me, which in any other occasion is a huge plus for me.  However, more than once, I would make comments to him like, “I know you’re gonna propose on my birthday,” and many others of the like. So of course, that made him shift gears and come up with something else that surely would surprise me.

The next plan was to surprise me at a birthday get-together I had decided to do on April 24th, the Friday after my birthday. My roomies had just had a party, so they suggested we keep the layout in the living room as it was and just piggy back from theirs. I had pictured it being just a few close friends and maybe some friends they brought, but that’s about it. I am not one to throw myself a huge party so that wasn’t the plan ever. So I made the Facebook event, and one of my close friends, being her friendly and social wonderful self, decided to invite over a hundred of HER Facebook friends to my event as well. I didn’t know what to do or say, but I figured not everyone would come anyway so it’d be fine.

Fast forward to my birthday. Matt and I are hiking up Donut Falls, a romantic little stroll just the two of us before heading out for a nice dinner at The Melting Pot. We were chatting, and honestly, I had a gut feeling he was wanting to propose at this party. By this point, the numbers confirmed on Facebook were high, and I knew it was going to turn into the typical singles party where a bunch of people I had never met before were going to show up. I did NOT want to be proposed and have such a special moment in my life shared with complete random strangers. Close friends and family is one thing, but the way my party was looking was hardly the proposal I had always dreamed of. I expressed this to Matt as tactfully as I could muster. He just played it off and said “Who said I was going to propose tomorrow?” as if I was a crazy lady for saying that lol.

So, he never did propose as he said he wouldn’t. I was really sad to be honest. I was more than ready to get the show on the road, and I was feeling a bit dumb and somewhat regretful that I hadn’t kept my mouth shut. Especially when Matt told me of the evening he had planned after my birthday party when it was just us chatting. I won’t even attempt to explain it. I’ll just let you read the proposal he had prepared and sent out to all my close friends for yourself.  See images of the document below.

engaged 1


engaged 2

engaged 3


So now you see why it was best that he didn’t do this at a party with over a hundred randoms who don’t even know me roaming around? I love him for planning this though, and even though my party and everything was an idea of just a few days ago, he did amazing putting thought into it.

Now that I’ve told you how he DIDN’T propose lol, here’s how it actually happened. It’s very simple and sweet, nothing crazy like the original plan, but it was perfect nonetheless.

This past Saturday, we decided to have a date night with Matt’s good friend Kylee and his girlfriend Pamela at the Garden Restaurant in Downtown SLC. I didn’t think that he would do it then, but I also was a little suspicious, and hopeful to be honest. By this point I just wanted my ring lol.

Everything was fairly normal, we ordered dinner, the normal small talk and that’s about it. Things got a little weird when Pamela said she had to use the bathroom, then Kylee said he did as well, and then MATT magically needed to go also. It was the ultimate case of monkey-see monkey-go. But I definitely thought something might be up. They all came back, Matt stayed behind talking to a restaurant server. I had a feeling maybe this was it, but I really didn’t want to get my hopes up in case it wasn’t. I could feel myself starting to get nervous but I kept telling myself, not tonight not tonight, just in case he didn’t propose. Looking back, I would have been disappointed either way L. Great news is, the night did NOT disappoint.

The waitress came out with a dessert tray and asked if we wanted any. Of course, everyone but ME wanted dessert tonight haha. I knew I would have some if we all shared, so we agreed to all just share one. Next thing I know, a tray with a shiny crème brulee and an even shinier ring next to it are in front of me, with a little sign that reads “Desi, will you marry me?”

I couldn’t believe it!

I will have to show you guys the video Kylee took. For whatever reason, I could not stop laughing the entire time Matt was asking me to marry him. I even forgot to actually say “yes,” and just giggled my way through this epitomizing moment in my life. No big. Actually, I didn’t want to start crying or get emotional in front of the restaurant, so laughing was the second best thing in my mind at the time.

5.18.2015 Engaged! Will you marry me

5.18.2015 Engaged! Just Asked to Marry!

Finally, I was able to compose my laughter, and Matt put the ring on my finger, we stood up and the whole restaurant clapped for us. And just like that we are engaged. It really was a special moment.

5.18.2015 Engaged! Yes Hug!

Then we wanted some picture by the temple. This was the only one with semi-ok lighting.

5.18.2015 Engaged! Ring Shot!

YAY!!!!!! Mr. and Mrs. Crowley, coming to you July 30th, 2015 at the SLC temple. Save the date!!!!

5.18.2015 Engaged! Overall Engagement shot!


Future Mrs. Crowley

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