We have our amazing engagement pictures back and of course I have to post some of my favorites here to show you guys! I am so IN LOVE with them! We ended up going with the Balboa Island for our location, and after seeing the pictures I know that was the right choice. Our photographer is Monica Fisco. She is based in Southern California, and I actually met her when I was serving my full-time LDS mission in Sacramento. She has since moved obviously, but we happened to get in touch again after I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a wedding photographer. She told me she was going to be in Utah for the month of July and that she could take my engagements, but little did she know that’s when I was getting married! I looked at her website and her style was totally what I was looking for. She cut me an amazing deal I couldn’t resist (we are on a very tight budget) and I accepted. This was right after we got engaged, and a couple weeks later we went on our trip to Newport Beach. I had the thought that it would be amazing to have our engagements done while we were there by the beach, so I started searching for local photographers. Then I remembered Monica was in SoCal, but I wasn’t sure exactly where so I reached out again.

Long story short, she was able to come out to Newport Beach to take our pictures and made a fun trip out of it with her cute little family. I was so excited, I just knew she would do great.

Without further ado, here are Matt and I’s favorites, which were very hard to choose by the way. We got all the original downloads and they all looked amazing.  Now we are going to have to narrow these down even further, so please feel free to vote on your most favorites so we can choose which ones to use on our invitations J. Just click on the side arrows to see all of them!

So, you see why I need to narrow down? Haha! These weren’t even half of the pictures. This is a really good problem to have though, it means we have an awesome photographer! This puts me at ease about our wedding day, knowing we will have great images to capture our day. That’s hard to know until you work with them personally. Even though I got such a great deal with her, this was not an area I was willing to skimp on. I will eat cardboard for cake but I WILL have wedding pictures I totally love!

I’m so glad we were able to do these out in Newport Beach. We found the most adorable place called Balboa Island and took a little ferry to get there. I got the best of both worlds, my ferris wheel AND awesome beach shotsJ. But seriously, how cool are those ferris wheel shots? I couldn’t have found a better location for what I was wanting, unique and memorable!

Also if you remember my post a couple weeks ago, I was trying to decide what dress to buy. Well, the white lacy one was definitely the winner. I know I will get really great use out of it this summer and I just felt really great in it. I paired these with some cute taupe heels I also found at Nordstrom Rack on sale of course. They were perfect, not too fancy and just right for what we were going for.

Don’t forget to comment below on your favorites. Since our wedding is July 30th we have no time to spare. Thanks so much!



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