First Workout of the Year

First Workout of the Year

Well, the holidays are officially over, and it’s time to face the harsh, cold truth – a couple months (or maybe more) of indulging in free Halloween candy left and right, delicious thanksgiving pies, and of course, all the Christmas treats and gifts you may have gotten from good friends and family like I did, maybe have resulted in some had unwanted holiday pounds. Hopefully, things haven’t gotten to the point where you need a whole new wardrobe, but you may not be alone if your top button on your favorite jeans is feeling more snug than usual.

Let’s be honest, the thought of getting into cute, fitted, workout clothes can seem like the last thing you may want to do after packing on some extra pounds, or even the thought of having to get back into your workout routine when all you want to do is stay warm and indoors. Sometimes, I’d rather just eat, sleep and repeat instead, But most of us know better, and we know that wouldn’t be the right way to kick off the new year.

So time to bust out of our food comas, and start losing those holiday food babies!

In this post, I am going to share with you my winter-workout starter pack. This one is especially good if you like to do any outside activities and aren’t wussed out by cold weather. This little “pack” includes a:

1.4.2015 Winter Workout Starter Pack!

Wherever you live, never ever ever ever underestimate the weather, especially if you live in states like BUTT cold Utah like myself!

You can double or triple layer your top if you feel it necessary. But really, even if it’s cold out, you should be warming up pretty quickly. Or if you’re just going to the gym, this can help keep your body warm and ready for your workout. I go to the gym personally because I lift weights as well as cardio, but you better believe I’m wearing three layers on that five minute ride! I’ll always be a Florida girl at heart, and I am not ashamed to say I still don’t do cold well. I also know I’m not the only one out there, so no shame ladies. Do what you gotta do always ;).

So the outfit is all set. What else do you need now? Oh right, your motivation to leave your warm bed. That’s one I can’t exactly find for you on the internet, but here is my attempt.

1.4.2015 Winter Workout Starter Pack! Sweat is Just Fat Crying!

1.4.2015 Winter Workout Starter Pack! Wow I really regret that workout!

I especially love that last one. I know I always regret NOT going to workout, but I never ever say or think that I regret the workout I did go do. So just pull the bandaid off, and go do something for YOURSELF! Not just to look great, but to feel great, and I honestly believe there is no better health insurance than regular exercise and a healthy, nutritious diet.

I’m off for my first sweat sesh.



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