Five Ways to Style Denim This Fall

Denim, or Chambray is in and has been in for a while I’d say. I don’t necessarily see it going anywhere anytime soon either. I’m seeing some outfits that are doubled up on the denim. I am not sure if that’s a style I dig, but denim in general, totally! Just like a nice pair of blue jeans, you can mix so many different items with denim pieces.

I compiled five different ways to style denim this fall (besides regular blue jeans of course). I’m surprised how easily denim can be worn even for formal occasions. Feel free to comment your favorite style in the comments below! 🙂

Denim Dress

11.13.2015 Denim! Denim Dress

I love how casual a chambray dress looks. It requires minimal use of accessories but I could easily see a blingy necklace on this one if you want to dress it up a bit. It’s cute to pair with other pastel colors like yellow and pink, like this picture with the flats and bag.


Denim Jacket + Floral Dress + Boots

11.13.2015 Denim! Floral Dress + Denim Jacket

Floral dresses are denim’s best friend. I like to add in an extra feminine touch with this cute pink bag to balance the whole outfit and bring out the pink in the floral dress. Overall, this country style is perfect for this fall.

Denim Blouse + Black Jeans or Leggings

11.13.2015 Denim! Denim Blouse + Black Jeans or Leggings

Guys, this is a classic look. It’s a big go-to for me if I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to put something together. I can easily just grab these two, a cute sparkly necklace, some heels or flats depending on where I’m heading and be out the door in less than five minutes. You can use any black bottoms like trousers and jeans, but I’m using leggings for this one since it’s what I wear this the most. Second would be my black skinny jeans.

I also found this super cute plaid bag that I thought would match great with this look for just $19.57! YA!

 Denim Pencil Skirt + White Blouse

11.13.2015 Denim! White Blouse + Denim Pencil Skirt

You didn’t know jeans could look formal huh? With the right accessories and style of the shirt or skirt, absolutely! White long sleeved-blouses are a versatile piece of clothing, which is why it looks great even with this jean pencil skirt. I wanted to make it even more of a statement so I chose a crop top. The red shoes and clutch will add that pop of classic red to these otherwise neutral colors. Don’t forget that red lipstick!

Denim Skirt + White Turtleneck

So much love for this denim skirt. It’s just so versatile and I couldn’t resist sharing one more. This one is a bit more casual than the pencil skirt though. You can tuck the white sweater in it to look more stylish. This one is perfect for college students, but anyone of any age can rock this style! You can also add pretty much any necklace or scarf of your liking to dress it up as much as you want, since it’s all neutral for the most part.

11.13.2015 Denim! White Turtle Neck + Denim Skirt

How do you wear chambray? Post in the comments below J



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