Floral Print How-to Guide

Floral Print: Three Ways to Wear

So, spring season has just begun, and you know what that means; flowers and blooms everywhere, including floral print! It’s definitely one of my favorite types of prints and I’m excited to show you some ways to wear this fun style.

I love how floral print makes everything look feminine and sweet, whether they come in pastel or bright colors. Plus, they look great whether it’s a piece of headwear, jacket, blazer, shirt, blouse, pants, scarf, glasses, hair bows, and even shoes! They’re literally everywhere.

Here are three floral print styles I love:

Floral Print Outwear

5.8.2015 Floral Print Outerwear

Blazer, jacket, kimono, coat – you name it. I can’t think of any outerwear that doesn’t come in this print. They’re a great addition to a more plain outfit you’re going to wear. If you’re wearing a darker shade of floral outerwear, pick a bright top, and vice versa. The pink and yellow combination looks really spring-y fabulous!

Then I picked some matching pink sandals and bag to go together with some of the colors in the print, however, you could easily wear some nude pumps if you don’t want to be matchy matchy.

Floral Print Dress + Sandals

5.8.2015 Floral Print Dress

To be honest, I love long-sleeved dresses than the tank tops and sleeveless ones. So basically this is the type of dress I’d wear for this season. Since it kind of looks like boho, I chose the bib necklace with the fringe.

Like outfit number 1, I picked the white accessories and shoes to complement with the floral print.


Floral Print Skirt + Plain Top

5.8.2015 Floral Print Skirt!


Tuck the plain shirt into the skirt and the whole outfit instantly looks gorgeous. The baby blue bag and scarf will also add more style to it since the skirt is more muted in color. I like using lace up flats like this one for A-line skirts to make it look extra stylish.

What’s your favorite piece of floral clothing? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂



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