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How to Style Crazy, Fun Leggings

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As I was looking through some of my pictures, I realized that I have hardly worn any “real” pants and have been living in my comfy, fun leggings all winter. What do I mean by “fun?” A lot of my leggings recently have been either bright colored, leather, or some sort of statement print! I feel like switching things up from the regular black leggings is such a simple and easy way to put together a stylish, yet comfy outfit. So I wanted to show you some different ways I’ve styled my crazy  leggings to give you some ideas to wear this trend. The great thing about leggings is that they really don’t go out of style when spring and summer rolls around, you just may find yourself switching out your warm boots for some cute and stylish sandals instead. Or like I’ve done in some of these pictures, I’ve worn my favorite pumps or heels with leggings when it’s been a little warmer. Totally up to you!

So here are the three different kinds of leggings and how you can style them.

Bright-colored Leggings

There are many different leggings out there and with that, an assortment of different colors. Personally, I’ve been on a quick for my mustard colored leggings because I tend to wear a lot of black and white tops, so this pop of color goes perfect. I would pair bright colored leggings with neutral colors, whether they are patterned or not, its up to you. The color itself makes a statement, so you want to balance that out keeping the rest neutral. However, if your leggings are solid colored, you can  get away with different prints up top. Here are two outfits I created with these leggings.

HERE is a similar sweater like the striped one I’m wearing on the 2nd picture, and for the cardigan and long striped tunic click HERE and HERE.

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Textured Leggings

I have been a huge fan of leggings in general, but then bought my first pair of leather leggings and have been obsessed ever since! I love how great they make your legs look, and I seriously get compliments on these every time I wear them. There are many other types of textures out there, but leather, or pleather, has been my favorite! Since mine are black, I can combine them with many different tops, but in order to avoid looking too “biker gang” ish, I like to keep things on the top more classy. Whether that be with a soft, pink cardigan and scarf like this pic, or with a flannel top, or even a button-down blouse!

Click HERE for a similar cardigan and HERE for the scarf!

You can also check out a previous post I did on just leather leggings if you want more ideas. Click the button below for that post.

Leather Leggings Post

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Printed Leggings

The last category of fun leggings is the printed ones! I love all sorts or prints, floral, grid, chevron, etc.  Since these will be the center of attention in your outfit, keep the rest of the outfit more neutral colored. That doesn’t mean boring either. I love wearing cute, boho chic sweaters like this one (similar one HERE), or just a long, sweater dress or cardigan in a neutral color would look great as well.

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Make sure you don’t get the cheapest leggings you find either, because I have gone through quite a few that end up ripping or falling apart really quickly. Maybe that’s a sign I wear leggings too much. Haha! Nah, no such thing :).

I searched for some really great deals on quality but fun leggings all under $25! You will see some similar to mine, as well as other super cute ones I really loved and think you’ll love as well! I found an assortment of textured, colored, and print leggings, most of them on sale, hover over them to see the price, cause some of these were originally way over $100 and have been drastically reduced. My kind of deals 😉

Let me know your favorites in the comments!!



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  1. I like the printed leggings. I actually have a really cute pair of cat leggings that I like to wear whit my “leopard” print dress. They are so cute, they have the ears of the cat just above the knee and the tail on the back. They are my fav ever! 🙂

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