How I Got Rid of my Acne and Scars

My Struggle with Adult Acne and the Routine That’s Working for Me!

How i got rid of my acne and scars

Ugh Acne! I feel like this is a long overdue post because I have gotten a lot of questions about my skin and many don’t realize that I actually suffer from adult acne. This type of acne is largely hormonal so there’s not a ton you can do to completely stop it, unless you go on something really extreme like Accutane. However, through much trial and error I have found a way to get rid of much scarring that has come from years of acne, as well as how to keep breakouts to a minimum (only when “Aunt Flo” comes to town).

It goes without saying that I’m not a dermatologist or a doctor of any sort, I’m just sharing with you what I’ve done that’s been working great for me! I have gone to dermatologists in the past and found that I always got temporary cures, like a lotion to put on or a pill to take that once I’m off of it, brought with them breakouts all over again.

Just so you know, my skin is very dry with a little oil on the nose area, and most of my acne happens along my cheeks and jaw. If that’s the case for you, you most likely have hormonal acne as well. However, the better you are taking care of your skin, the less out of control breakouts you will experience.

I thought a video would be appropriate for this, so you can listen to this while you’re getting ready or doing other things since it’s a bit long but it really goes into detail about everything I did to get rid of my acne and what to do to keep it far far away!


Here are all of the product links if you want more information. As usual, I looked around for the best prices on these to save you on some really great products that I absolutely love!

Makeup Removers

How i got rid of my acne and scars
Don’t forget to tear these in half to make them last twice as long.

How i got rid of my acne and scars
This is the Amazon link, however, save yourself the shipping and buy this at your next Walmart trip. I posted a pic so you see what it looks like! It’s $3 cheaper than the Neutrogena brand


How i got rid of my acne and scars
My favorite moisturizer! Happens to be a #1 Amazon Best Seller!


How i got rid of my acne and scars
This is the first version of the Clarisonic. I don’t think you need the more expensive version personally.
How i got rid of my acne and scars
A bit pricey but this will last forever and really nourishes the skin amazingly!
How i got rid of my acne and scars
What I put in my hair every night. I’m including it because its part of my nightly routine!


This is the Murad exfoliator I talked about in the video that I use religiously 2-3x a week. This is on the higher end but it has been well worth the investment to have smooth, clear skin. I have tried other exfoliators but this one is my all-around favorite. I found it for $23 on but they are out of stock ironically! Dang it! Keep an eye out for it if you really want to save those $7 ;).

I hope this has been helpful. Acne is such a nightmare and I hope this helps you ladies (or gents) out there that haven’t tried any of these things! Ask or comment anything your heart desires below!



18 thoughts on “How I Got Rid of my Acne and Scars

  1. I think I’ll fav this post to remember your tips next time I’ll be waiting for my period: I always have small spots to deal with and if it works… why not trying!? Thank you!

  2. I have been wanting to by one of those exfoliating brushes. I was afraid they might cause me to breakout. Its good to know they actually help with breakouts.

    1. Gladys, they won’t as long as you are good about cleaning it. I scrub mine with anti-bacterial soap after every use and leave it out to dry. You can also put it in your dishwasher when you run your next load :).

  3. I know quite some people suffering from the same problem and I applaud you for sharing it out and loud. Already sent the link to few people and I am sure you’ll be helping a lot. Keep on!

    1. I have not felt any pain from it. I would just make sure you replace your brush every three months, otherwise you will feel the dullness of the brush and that doesn’t feel great. They also have brushes for sensitive skin if that’s the case for you! I highly recommend this brush though, it has transformed my skin. Hope that helps!

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