Grid Pattern Outfits and Styling Ideas

So there’s this cute new pattern trending these days, and  think you guys will love it as well if you don’t already. The grid pattern! I’ve been eyeing it from afar for awhile now, and then I bought my first grid patterned blouse recently and I’m totally digging it!

Polka and stripes aside, the grid pattern is another very classy one to add to the list. Maybe because it’s usually paired with black or white, which is something I’d like to also branch out from in this post and show you various ways to wear this pattern.

I see everyone using black and white colors with the grid pattern, as in EVERYTHING black and white,  from accessories to the top and bottoms to the shoes. Honestly, I not only think we can add color to these outfits, but we SHOULD.  And I ended up with this one:

Grid Blouse + Colored Bag

4.7.2015 Grid Pattern! Grid Blouse + Colored Bag

Even though the bulk of the outfit is still black and white, paired with this lovely light blue bag and some light brown loafers it definitely breaks up the monotony of the colors.  Light brown is a very versatile color and it looks great with black and white combinations. also, this blouse is just $14.95, nothing to sneeze about!

Grid Skirt + Blouse

4.7.2015 Grid Pattern! Grid Skirt Plus Blouse

Are you in need of something new for the office? Or a job interview-approved outfit in your job search? The grid pattern is totally appropriate for the corporate america arena. I love this combo here. You’ve got neutral colors that come beautifully together to create a professional, clean and classy outfit. Since the cream and gray aren’t the brightest color, a soft pink will really add some life to this overall look. Also, I found this adorable bag at Forever 21 for just $23! Score!

This whole outfit can easily convert into something you can wear for a nice night out or even a friend get-together by swapping your skirt for your favorite jeans! We call this, smart-casual :).

Little Black GRID Dress + Red Pumps

4.7.2015 Grid Pattern! Little Black Grid Dress + Red Pumps


How adorable is this dress? And it’s perfect for you ladies who are modesty conscious. You won’t need to add undershirts or extra slips to wear this. Those are my favorite kind of dresses personally. It’s the classic black dress and red heel style!

The dress is just $17.99 by the way, and doesn’t it look super comfy? Win, win!

What about you? What’s your favorite way to style the grid pattern? Comment below!



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