Hot Pink Lips for Christmas?

Hot Pink Lips for Christmas?

It’s been so nice to be home in Florida for Christmas. Since I’ve been living in Utah for so many years it seems like, going home has now become this vacation and escape from the cold every year. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my whole year. For Christmas Day we normally wake up and do presents, breakfast, then spend the rest with my brother in law’s side of the family. We usually have dinner with them and it’s always stinkin delicious.

Hot Pink Lips Christmas Eve 12.23.2014

On another note, yes that is PINK, not red lipstick I’m wearing here. whoever said you can only wear red lipstick during the holidays? I recently bought this Cover Girl lipstick in Bombshell Pink at Walmart and got a ton of compliments on it. Actually, the reason I bought this exact color was because I saw it on a girl at church one Sunday and was so attracted to it that I HAD to ask her about it! (I wish I was more like this with boys, maybe I’d be married by now, ha). Anyway, it’s definitely an attention grabber, in a really good way. Sure, I could have worn red and been fine, but this Christmas eve called for a gold sparkly sweater, my favorite high heel nudes paired with this rich, BOMBSHELL pink lip. I was in Florida after all, and maybe it was the 75-degree tropical weather that inspired this? who knows? I wish I had taken more pictures but we were constantly surrounded by people.

Hot Pink Lips Christmas Eve Lulu 12.23.2014

So, I may or may not have worn it a few times this trip. The pictures below show the brightness and richness of the color better I think. Just try not to look at my cuddly, fluffy ball of love in my arms. I dare you! She goes everywhere with me! I’m not obsessed at all :).


Here’s a bigger image of it so you know what to look for at the store. I’m sure they also have it at Target and any drugstore that carries CoverGirl.

Hot Pink Lips Covergirl 12.23.2014


Well, that’s all I got tonight. Have a lovely holiday week with your loved ones!!





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