How to Style Nautical Prints

A really popular trend lately is the nautical print. Usually, this takes the form of blue and white stripes, and I have found that I end up wearing the same usual style so I decided to start branching out. I actually wear nautical print quite a bit, I love my stripes for some reason and seem to be drawn to them when shopping. I came up with some new ways to wear these and I think it will give you some ideas as well.

 Nautical Print Tip 1: AccessorizeNautical Prints! Dresses + Accessories

I found two cute dresses I actually have similar ones of in my closet already. I love pairing this pattern with brown sandals and/or belts. Add a cute hat like this one, and you’re ready to sail! Ha, I’m not cheesy, I know. But most importantly, this gorgeous geometric bib necklace was a steal at just $19.98! It was originally $78! You need to see it up close to really appreciate it, so click on the link below to get a better peek. Same with the watch, its normally $130 but on sale right now at $65.

Speaking of, I’m all about spending minimal money on clothing and accessories, but in my experience, a watch is one of those things you should invest on. I remember when I first decided to get a nice rose gold watch, I went through THREE within two months because something broke or whatever, and I finally broke down and bought my rose gold Fossil watch I’ve had for over four years now, and it has been well worth the investment. I still wear it every day and get many compliments on it.

Nautical Print Tip 2: Add Color

 Nautical Prints! Blouse + Color

If we keep it all blue and white, that can get boring real quick. I love mixing and matching colors, and you’d be surprised at how many colors actually look well with nautical pieces. Green and soft pink are two of my favorites! Pair it with a classy gold necklace like this one to match the sexy studs on your heels.

Nautical Print Tip 3: Graphic Tees + Jeans

Nautical Prints! Graphic Tees

How cute are these? I love all these cute printed tops, just pair with your favorite pair of jeans and some heels or even sneakers for some of these. The great part is you can wear bright  shoes for a lot of these. Like the ones that are just black and white or blue and white, a pair of red shoes goes perfect. With a top like the middle blue sweatshirt, you may opt for some white sneakers or flats.

Enjoy wearing this fun and trendy print. Don’t miss out on these items, since most of them I found for sale at a good discount as usual J.

What’s your favorite way to wear this trend? Comment below.



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