Leather Leggings How-to

When most people think of leather leggings, they probably think of Harley Davidson biker gangs, or just really Bad A people in general. At least that’s always been the case for me. However, I have recently been spotting them more and more on normal, not scary looking but totally bad A girls, and have been very drawn to how sexy and slimming they make legs look. So it’s no surprise that when I was strolling through Kohl’s a few weeks ago, and spotted some leather pants in the LC Lauren Conrad section, I didn’t hesitate to try them on. And you guessed it, it was love at first sight, or is this second sight, since I saw them on other girls before?

Well, regardless, I found them on sale for $10, so it was a no brainer. Unfortunately, it seems that I wasn’t the only one crazy about them, because they are all sold out online. They may have some stragglers in a store near you, but either way, not to worry. I’ve found a very similar pair for around $20, still a great price! Click here to check them out!

12.9.2015 Leather Leggings! Black Leather Leggings

Since this purchase, I literally can’t stop wearing them. Seriously, any time I have anything that requires me to look nice, but not necessarily dressed up formal, these are the first pair I think to grab. They are a step up from regular leggings, and I may or may not get compliments on them, or just my legs in general, when I wear them. I’m telling you, they are magical pants. I most recently wore them for our thanksgiving dinner.

Here are my top favorite ways to wear my leather leggings

Long Cardigan + Cream Gold Scarf + Cheetah Wedges

Now, make no mistake, these leggings are NOT just for clubbing or for night out events. You just have to know what you’re pairing them with according to the occasion. Since I was going to a family event, I opted for a long blush sweater with one of my favorite cream and gold scarf I had in my closet already. They were both from H&M. Click here and here for some similar ones. I also wore my Banana Republic cheetah print wedges to balance out the outfit. Here are some similar ones as well. This is a simple, yet elegant look perfect for a family event.

12.9.2015 Leather Leggings! Black Leather Leggings Desi Crowley 3 Leg Zoom 12.9.2015 Leather Leggings! Black Leather Leggings Desi Crowley 2 12.9.2015 Leather Leggings! Black Leather Leggings Desi Crowley 1

 Denim Vest + White Tee + Sneakers

This is definitely for warmer weather, so if you’re living in Utah like me, you may have to wait a couple months to wear this. However, I know other states like Florida or California are having warmer temperatures and this outfit would be perfect for those days (I’m not jealous at all). Add some colorful lipstick to these more neutral colors.

12.9.2015 Leather Leggings! Black Leather Legging + Casual denim Vest, White sneakers, White Tee

Graphic Tee + Flannel Shirt + Ankle Booties

12.9.2015 Leather Leggings! Black Leather Legging + Graphic Tee, Flannel Shirt, Ankle boots

One of my favorite ways I’ve seen these styled is with a fun graphic tee. Pair it with an open flannel shirt, with cute booties and you’re ready for some fun on the town, or even school for all my college ladies. I loved this gold watch to add some pizazz to it as well. It’s on sale for $39.99 but quantities are running low so act fast! The cute NYC shirt is also a steal right now for $9.98. Love it!


I hope you enjoyed these looks as much as I enjoyed putting them together! Putting these together for you guys has also helped me be more organized when I shop, and know exactly what I’m looking for at the mall. Or I end up buying them online without even trying them on because I just can’t resist the deal lol.

What’s your favorite way to style leather pants? Have you tried this look out yet? Post your comments below!



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