Ways to Wear a Long Skirt

Three Ways to Wear Modest, Long Skirts 

Is a long skirt really necessary in your wardrobe? Whether we go to church every Sunday dressed up, or you have a corporate job that demands you dress in professional attire like skirts and dress pants, or you have a big group presentation in your Psychology class at the end of the semester, you should always have at least one modest, long skirt in your closet. Longer does NOT mean NOT sexy or cute, let’s establish first things first. I personally don’t really wear miniskirts or short dresses except when I’m going to the pool or beach in the summer, but I realize that’s not the case for everyone.

I decided to put this post together with some ideas of how to wear some of the more common long skirt styles: Pencil, maxi, and midi skirts. For me personally, I need cute, modest skirts regularly since that is the suggested dress at my church, but I also find myself wearing these to my office job quite often. Here are some outfits to give you ideas of how to wear these skirts, especially for you ladies who are regular mini-skirt wearers and this is completely new territory for you. I got your back :).

Long Skirt Outfit 1: Pencil Skirt + Blazer + Crop Top

9.16.2015 Favorite Long Skirt Styles! Pencil Skirt + Blazer Top + Crop Top

Pencil skirts are just longer minis that will really make your curves pop. I also feel like they make me look thinner and you can wear them with either a fitted or a flowier top. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a simple shirt or a glittery top, pencil skirts have a way of making any outfit look really elegant and sexy, especially when paired with a blazer, like this outfit below. Also, kind of obsessed with this skirt and the print. Even cuter, the price tag at $19.95.

Long Skirt Outfit 2: Long Sleeves + Midi Skirt + Heels

9.16.2015 Favorite Long Skirt Styles! Long Sleeves + Midi Skirt + Heels

Let’s switch it up and wear a long sleeved crop top. That way you’ll be set and not need anything else over it, especially in these chillier fall months. Unless it gets freakishly cold for some reason. I love to pair midi skirts with long sleeve crop tops like these! I see some of my more daring fashionistas wearing this statement New York print midi skirt.

The top is kind of low cut so I chose a necklace with large beads to make sure we keep it classy and not too revealing.

Long Skirt Outfit 3: Bright Yellow Crop top + Floral Maxi

9.16.2015 Favorite Long Skirt Styles! Bright Yellow Crop Top + Floral Maxi Skirt

Do maxi skirts ever go out of style? I say no. I love this floral print design, and this mustard yellow reminds me of the leaves this time of year here in Utah. So beautiful if you haven’t seen them! This is something I would totally be able to wear to church, or any casual Sunday activity. Also this knitted top is a thicker, sweater-like material and is perfect for the cooler temperatures. Since its extra thicker, you may not even need a cardigan over it.

What’s your favorite skirt style? Share in the comments below J



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