Making me BLUSH

Guys, it’s spring time! So I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about one of my favorite colors this time of year, Blush pink! This is one of those colors that never seems to go out of style, but I feel like I am seeing a lot more of it this spring. I don’t love all shades of pink by any means, but this soft, feminine blush is just straight lovely!

This blush color is becoming particularly popular as a wedding color, usually seen in a variety of combinations. I’ve seen it paired with forest green, navy blues, gold and rose gold, among others. Paired with just about any color, even black, can easily make any color a great wedding theme. Girls, admit it, this either is one of your wedding colors you picked out in your Young Women’s class at age 13, or you are probably considering it as a possible option for your future wedding, even if you aren’t dating anyone. I’ll go stalk your Pinterest board if you say it’s not J. I’m kidding, but I wouldn’t blame you if you are considering it!

I’ve put together three blush outfit combos that I think you’ll really like. I’ve got some 3great finds as well that you’ll probably like even more.

Blush + Mint/Aqua

4.3.2015 Blush + MInt Aqua

This is personally my favorite combination. Its two lovely colors coming together beautifully. Although they are both lighter colors, they still manage to complement each other. I can’t help but love the combo of a midi dress with a nice blazer. As far as jewelry, you can do something that matches either color if you like to have everything perfectly matched, or with these two, a lovely, simple gold necklace would also be beautiful!

Just FYI, last I checked, that gorgeous mint blazer was low on stock, and it’s on sale right now. You will be able to pair this with some nice jeans, and a lacy top for something more casual, for example. It’s a great buy if you’re a fan of mint colored anything.




Blush Top + Black Skinnies

4.3.2015 Blush Top + Black Skinnies

Personally, I’ve found myself wearing this combo quite a bit these days. I have a few cute blush tops, and since I want to look somewhat nice for work, black skinnies with cute flats or pumps do the trick perfectly. This is also an easy, go-to outfit you can style in under 10 minutes. A plain and lighter peach shirt matched with a darker scarf, it’s that simple! I matched it with the nude flats, which is still a bit peach-y. I used the black jeans to balance the whole outfit. You can also half-tuck the shirt into the jeans to make it more fitted if you like that better. I’ve also paired this combo with my favorite cheetah scarf, or I’ll leave the scarf out and wear my cute cheetah pumps I got from Banana Republic last fall. Many possibilities here, so get yourself a cute, go-to blush top if you haven’t already.

White Blouse + Blush Midi Skirt

4.3.2015 White Blouse + Blush Midi Skirt

This outfit would be perfect for work, church, a night out, etc. I have a couple button down blouses like this and they really go with so many different things. I found this adorable midi skirt and thought I could easily pair this with one of the blouses I already have. If you don’t have a blouse like this, I found one for you in the link below. I love this paired with a black statement necklace to keep the focus on that blush pink. I also really loved the cutout striped details of this skirt. Totally cute and unique.  You probably have a pair of either black or white pumps in your closet already so there you have it!

What about you, lady? What’s your favorite way to style blush? Share in the comments below 🙂




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