Hello beauties! I’m gonna need your help on this one, on what outfits for engagements I should wear,  and opinions on the spots I’ve picked so far. So this is a super exciting week for me, we are having our engagements shots done right here in beautiful Newport beach. I’ve always dreamed of having my engagements done by the beach and I am thrilled that I’ll be able to. I’ve been living in Utah for the last eight or so years on and off. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the stunning scenery the mountains provide, but I grew up in Florida, and having the beach in the background is just more, me, if you know what I mean.

I’ve been diligently researching the best picture spots in this area and I seriously can’t even make up my mind. There are SO many great spots that I just CAN’T! I’m “can’t even” ing right now.

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements Can't Even

Uh definitely one of those four right now. Except I’m not white, so maybe I don’t count? Whatever. I’ll keep my racism card in my pocket :).

I have to show you guys some of these pics I found and maybe someone will have some good opinions to help me decide. Check them out.

Ok first, this dock with the boats in the background. YAS!

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements Dock with Boats!

Then this FERRIS WHEEL???? This looks like a dream. Who would have thought, a ferris wheel in your engagements?! I’m obsessed!

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements Ferris Wheel

This by the beach, by the old, rustic canoe, so so romantic.

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements beach, rustic canoe, so romantic

And another one by a pier. I love how colorful these boats are. I guess I really like piers/ports.

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements By a pier!

SO CUTE HUH?!! You see why I can’t decide? I’m just excited that we were able to work this out with the great Monica Fisco. I met her a few years ago while serving a full-time LDS mission in Sacramento. She has since moved further south, about three hours from Newport Beach. But she was awesome and made this a family trip this weekend so she could come take our pics.

Ok but most importantly right now, is WHAT THE HECK AM I GONNA WEAR??!!! I want one casual, beachy outfit, and then one dressier, but still beachy outfit if that makes any sense. So yesterday, I was at Nordstrom Rack, looking for the best deal on these of course, and these are some of the dresses I found that are in the running for the dressy beachy outfit. Don’t mind the messy fitting room 🙂

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements Ah Floral!

AH floral. It’s just the thing right now.  Floral is perfect for spring and summer time. I really liked the navy blue, and I really don’t own anything like this, well besides my phone case ;).

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements White borders dress!

I don’t know if the white borders remind me of seashells, or if it’s just the flowy, comfy look of this one, but I thought this has beach written all over it.

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements Pink Dress1

Matt called this blush pink one a polygamist dress! RUDE! LOL seriously, this would be skank town if I wore it in a polygamist community. My knees and ankles are showing. I thought it was cute and I like this color. But I want Matt to like me in it too so we will see.

5.27.2015 Outfits and Spots for Engagements! White Lace! Dressy but not too much1

I loved the white lace on this one! It was the last one in my size. I thought it looked dressy, but not overly formal and just right for a beach shoot. Plus I can see myself wearing this dress all the time and combining with so many different accessories. I might just get it even if I don’t use it for the pictures.

Well that’s it guys. I’ll post the winner as soon as I get my engagement pics back ;). Any input is greatly appreciated. I’m off for some good quality pool time with the crew. Until next time.





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