Print Heels on SALE and How to Wear Them

Print Heels

Lately I’ve been on this kick where I keep reaching for my cheetah print heels, or my floral pumps. Just this past week I’ve worn two different prints back to back. When it comes to high heels, I find myself reaching for my cheetah and floral heels quite often these days and then working my outfit around them instead of the other way around.





Naturally, while browsing through some sales this morning I was drawn to these fun designs and decided it’s time to post about them. Spring is just around the corner,  and I’m excited to start wearing brighter colors, and along with that fun, print heels! So, I picked out these nine high-end brand heels ON SALE for my fellow shoe-aholics to prep you for the sunnier, warmer days ahead.

However, staying true to my goal to never pay full price, I found all of these on SALE at various price points, some under $50, some a little over, but definitely not over $75.

If you aren’t sure how you could wear them, or want some fresh ideas, click here to read the rest.

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