Print Heels on SALE and How to Wear Them

Ways to Wear Print Heels

1. Pair with Plain Colors

2.18.16 print heels + plains

I am loving these bright, fun shoes mostly because you can wear them with a more plain outfit (think plain colors, or all black), and they will suddenly become the star of the show and bring just a pop of excitement to the rest of your outfit. These are perfect to pair with your timeless little black dress with a gorgeous pearl necklace, or for something a little more casual, some fitted black pants, a white blouse and a cute statement necklace like I’ve done here!

2. Pair with Other Prints

2.18.16 print heels + prints

Many of these gorgeous heels you can pair with  other prints as well. For example, the floral and cheetah prints goes great with black and white stripes, a grid pattern, or even polka-dots. Just keep in mind if the floral print is really colorful, the other design you choose should be more plain-colored (think black and white) to flow well.

3. Pair with ONE Bold Colored Item (top, dress, or pants.)2.18.16 print heels + brights

An example of this would be these zebra print shoes, with a hot pink blouse and white or black skinny jeans. Or on the left, I chose bright turquoise colored pants and kept all the other colors neutral. You could also do something like a stunning royal blue dress paired with your favorite floral print and a plain colored blazer on top. I say ONE because we don’t want to overdo it, and you can easily get away with a bold top and print shoes, but not all three items of clothing, that would be a bit too much going on. I picked some pearls to go with these outfits to keep it classy ;).

Hope this has given you some new ideas and inspiration to wear this fun trend. What’s your favorite print on shoes, and how do you wear it? Leave some comments below?



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