Fit Fridays: Shoulder Workout + Nike Steals!

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A Shoulder Workout That Will BURN!

I am so excited today to share a really great shoulder workout that has put my shoulders on FIRE! I am even more excited about this new segment of the blog I am adding.



Just because it’s the weekend does not mean get crazy and off track. Its easy to get derailed once the weekend comes around, but hopefully this will serve as extra motivation for you!

What will Fit Fridays include?

  • A workout tip or tutorial of some sort
  • A great deal on cute and awesome active wear

Without further ado, here is the first series of FIT FRIDAYS!

2.26.16 shoulder workout 2

2.26.16 shoulder workout 1


First off, you might be thinking, um, Desi, I don’t care about shoulders, I just want a six pack (or bubble booty, sexy legs, etc) so let’s talk about that instead! No worries, I will surely be posting about those areas again in the near future, especially how I was able to go from “FLASS” to actually having something of a peach to grab on to, a peach that I am still “nurturing” for sure.  I say that because that’s how I used to think too when every workout program I started would have a whole day dedicated to shoulders, or even worse, chest! Definitely the one place I did NOT want to have muscle in if you know what I mean. But I’ll chat about that another time as well.

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So here are my top FIVE reasons you should be working out your shoulders on a regular basis:

  1. The rounder and broader shoulders your have, the tinier your waist appears. You’ll have more of that hourglass look to you instead of an A look….yeah an “A” body sounds EW right?
  2. Are chubby, saggy shoulders cute? Maybe on a baby!
  3. Summer is just around the corner, and you will most likely be showing off this part of your body more. Sexy, lean shoulders are a trademark of a fit woman.
  4. If you have a thicker lower body, or are trying to build that booty, you will be and look proportioned and balanced with toned shoulders.
  5. You will have overall greater symmetry and posture.

Also, please do not think you will get bulky or big by working out your shoulders going as heavy as you can. That simply can not happen when you don’t have the testosterone needed. You will just get rounder, leaner, defined, sexy shoulders that will get noticed in a good way. I have been working on my shoulders for years now, lifting as heavy as I can and I have lost body fat and have a leaner upper body than I ever did before.

2.26.16 shoulder workout 3

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There are many angles you should work your shoulders from to get the best tone, and I’ve recently found this cable pulley exercise that had my caps burning after 4 sets of 15 reps with LIGHT weights. If you have never worked out your shoulders, you should start very light with just 2 sets of 12-15. The key here is to make sure its a challenge on the last couple reps at least. If it’s not hurting, you’re not toning!

I thought the best way to show you this shoulder workout was through video. So click below for a quick clip that will show you how to do a Standing Low Pulley Side Raise.

Make sure your arm stays straight, but don’t lock it either. Think of drawing a smooth, diagonal straight line.

If you’ve never worked out your shoulders before, I suggest sticking with two to three exercises per shoulder workout, with two sets of 8-10 reps of an exercise with light weights a couple times  a week.

If you are feeling a bit more advanced, you can isolate the shoulders and have a day set apart for just this part of your body and really shred it with several different exercises and heavy weights.

Click HERE for a some of my other favorite shoulder workouts that you can add to this one as well.  At the bottom, you will also find a guide for your skill level. is my number one fitness resource right now for pretty much everything. I am NOT an affiliate for them, yet, but am happy to recommend it to my friends! Do NOT be intimidated by the name of the site, you’re not gonna turn into a bodybuilder k?

Please let me know if you have any questions on this, I have been weightlifting for years and the gym is my second home, but I know not everyone feels comfortable at gyms or doing weights in general.

Alright, now for the fun stuff. One of my main motivators to work out is cute active wear and SHOES! I sure do love my Nikes and I  know I’m not the only one.

So click HERE for the second part of this post to check out some awesome discounted and SUPER CUTE Nikes! Hurry cause sizes are running out quick!

14 thoughts on “Fit Fridays: Shoulder Workout + Nike Steals!

  1. Amazing post! Though, i never have concentrated on shoulder exercises, glad to know the benefits of building up the shoulders. I am primarily training for running a full marathon and on my abs. Any other suggestion for a beginner of shoulder training for a person training for running!

    1. Thanks Sneha! And yes my favorite shoulder workouts that I’ve seen results from I got from this site Also, at the bottom it tells you how many sets and reps you should do depending on your level. So if you are a beginner this is what you should do for those exercises, I hope this helps and thanks for stopping by :). Good luck on your marathon training!!

      Light weight
      2 sets
      8-10 repetitions
      2 days per week (non-consecutive)

  2. Good post! I personally have an “hourglass” shape myself, but I noticed since working the shoulders also works the upper back, it’s helped with my posture – which is definitely important for ladies that are more busy (oh, did I just think of reason number 6?!).

    1. Oh my gosh girl, there are endless reasons to work out the shoulders. I wish more girls would realize that. Good posture is definitely a benefit I’ve noticed as well! Thanks for commenting 🙂

    1. Yeah you really won’t, I try to go as heavy as I can but shoulders are those I can’t get past the 10-15lb mark with. I’ve noticed my shoulders just look more rounded and have that little cap on them, which I think is what helps make your waist look smaller!

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