Fit Fridays: Shoulder Workout + Nike Steals!

How about Kohl’s for the win today! If you’re a fellow Nike fanatic, you know NikeΒ ain’t cheap! And it’s really hard to find great sales on anything Nike, and if they are on sale, a lot of times it’s not thatΒ cute. So here are some I found that I really liked, and if you click on one, it’ll take you to the Kohl’s website where you can see all the other colors in that model. I can tell these will run out fast though, like any great thing!

PS- If you made it this far, I have an extra tip for you. Google “Kohl’s Discount Gift Card” before you purchase. You’re welcome ;).

I hope you guys enjoyed the shoulder workout and this awesome Nike find! Comment below and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.

See you next Friday for the nextΒ series of FIT FRIDAYS!



14 thoughts on “Fit Fridays: Shoulder Workout + Nike Steals!

  1. Amazing post! Though, i never have concentrated on shoulder exercises, glad to know the benefits of building up the shoulders. I am primarily training for running a full marathon and on my abs. Any other suggestion for a beginner of shoulder training for a person training for running!

    1. Thanks Sneha! And yes my favorite shoulder workouts that I’ve seen results from I got from this site Also, at the bottom it tells you how many sets and reps you should do depending on your level. So if you are a beginner this is what you should do for those exercises, I hope this helps and thanks for stopping by :). Good luck on your marathon training!!

      Light weight
      2 sets
      8-10 repetitions
      2 days per week (non-consecutive)

  2. Good post! I personally have an “hourglass” shape myself, but I noticed since working the shoulders also works the upper back, it’s helped with my posture – which is definitely important for ladies that are more busy (oh, did I just think of reason number 6?!).

    1. Oh my gosh girl, there are endless reasons to work out the shoulders. I wish more girls would realize that. Good posture is definitely a benefit I’ve noticed as well! Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah you really won’t, I try to go as heavy as I can but shoulders are those I can’t get past the 10-15lb mark with. I’ve noticed my shoulders just look more rounded and have that little cap on them, which I think is what helps make your waist look smaller!

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