“Spot Reducing” Challenges on Pinterest.

Can you rely on Pinterest spot reducing challenges to get your dream bod?

I have a big point to make concerning all of those “spot reducing” posts you see flying all over Pinterest that seem so alluring and speaks to our inner fat child. Now, before you think this is a post ragging on Pinterest, which is pretty much every girl’s holy grail of beauty, fashion, decor, cooking, and tips for pretty much everything else in the world, including my own, I must make clear my personal love and use for Pinterest. In fact, in the few months I’ve been married and have been fulfilling my role of homemaker, Pinterest recipes have been saving my life! Also, it’s an amazing source of inspiration for changing up my beauty routine, keeping up with new fashion trends, etc. And even for the fitness aspect, there are many great, quick at-home exercise routines you can do when you are on the run.

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However, when it comes to fitness and weight loss, I feel it my moral obligation to warn you of falling into the trap of believing that  SPOT REDUCING, such as losing your saddlebags, or that cheese behind your legs, etc is a real thing! Please please please, listen to me on this one. You CANNOT do a few magical exercises you find on Pinterest labeled as “Lose the Pooch” or “Exercises for a Tummy Makeover”  among many others, and think that by just doing these a couple times a week, or even every single day, that you will, in fact, lose your belly and suddenly have a flat stomach. What an easy and wonderful world it would be if that was all we had to do. Just spend 10 minutes 6 days a week, doing these ab challenges, or whatever the routine is, and BAM, washboard abs. Have you noticed that the girls who have flat, toned stomachs also have toned, chiseled arms, legs, butt, chest and back? Have you seen any fitness model who has a six pack, but then also has what I like to call, “relief society” arms (aka flabby or saggy arms)? NO! Of course you haven’t. It simply does not exist. Those saggy arms will ONLY come off along with the rest of your body fat, sorry to break the bad news (hopefully it’s not news though).
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So what exactly is wrong with these articles claiming spot reducing of the areas you don’t dig ? Most, not all, fail to advise you that to really have an enviable, chiseled midsection, you MUST eat 6 small, nutritious, protein-packed meals a day. Or that to lose fat, cardio and weightlifting must play an integral part of your routine as well. You don’t believe me? Not only have I tried this for myself and failed, but there are also many published, scientific studies done on this like this one here, and this article here, among many others, and it’s really no big secret. Ask any fitness expert in the industry and they can also debunk this myth for you.


You must have your nutrition in line for a great mid section, as well as cardio and weightlifting to have an all-around “fit” look to your body.


I’m sure we have all come across these spot reducing posts on Pinterest. So what exactly is my point with this? You want to knock yourself out and go for a 30 day Pinterest ab challenge, or the Lose the Pooch workout? Be my guest, just be mindful of the other essential components of fat loss that they may or may not be mentioning. Heck I might even join you on one of these, even though working the same muscle group every day is not most effective in my opinion. However, you bet I will be focusing on my nutrition first and foremost (ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen?”) and making sure I’m incorporating cardio a few times a week as well to expect any type of changes in my midsection/saddlebags/muffin top, etc.

On that note, I’m off to the gym for my leg and ab workout ;). Have you done any of these Pinterest challenges? What else did you do along with them that worked? Leave your comments below!




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