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Are you feeling the spring vibes in the air yet? I’m pretty excited about this post cause I found some really really great spring steals online from a store I discovered while home in Tampa over the Christmas break called A’GACI. I was so excited to find so many things I was pretty obsessed with and for the price point, I’ve been more than satisfied with the quality. I always worry that when I buy something cheap it’s going to fall apart after a couple wears, but so far that hasn’t happened at all! So I thought I’d share a couple items I got to start with that I’m already obsessed with and the colors are on point for spring (even though Winter decided it’s not done with us yet and made an appearance here in Utah again last night, but that’s another story)!

3.15.16 spring steals 3

3.15.16 spring steals 4

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3.15.16 spring steals

Lightweight Blush Blouse

A’Gaci has this shirt in a few different colors, but I love that soft, blush color and thought it’s perfect for the warmer weather coming up! I also love the little gold buttons at the top, and you can wear it tucked into your pants or out and it looks great both ways! It’s on sale right now for a whole $9.99!! Click HERE to buy!

White SHINY Zipper Skinny Pants

Bad news! I went back to site to try and find these, and although I’m not THAT surprised, these exact pants are gone!! I just saw them on there last week when I got them.

GOOD NEWS tho! I found another pair that will make your booty look delicious even if you’ve been slacking on your squats at the gym! They are called “Wanna Betta Butt” Pants hahah! I actually got these in my order as well and they fit great! I’ll post pics in a later post. But I am usually a Small in most things and I got a Medium, so go a size up just to be safe. They are as low as $9.99 depending on the color and I can see sizes running out quickly! Click HERE for these!

Springy Floral Pumps

I also found these floral pumps I’ve been wearing far too much the past few weeks, but with an open peep toe for just $21.99 at JCPenney’s! It’s an online sale only but I promise you will not regret this buy, especially if you love floral print and especially at this price. They go with so many different colors and outfits and add the perfect amount of excitement to plainer colors you may be wearing. I also found the exact same ones I have with the closed toe for around $35 on sale. Still not bad, but the peep toe is great for spring/summer! Check em out before your size is gone!

UPDATE: The closed toed shoes ones are all gone! I added another awesome floral pair of heels just to give you some variety in its place!! Click right in the image below!

Gold Bag

I got this bag like six months ago at Target and naturally it’s no longer in stock. However, I found these other super cute gold bags from both Target and a few other stores. Just scroll to the right to see the rest!!

Straw Hat

3.15.16 spring steals 6

This adorable hat I found while casually perusing through Walmart for $7!! I can’t think of the last time I bought any accessory at Walmart, but this one I’m not regretting one bit!! I couldn’t find it on their site though so next time you’re at Wally, pay a little visit to the hat section and see if you find one you like there 🙂

Hope you guys catch these deals on time before your size runs out. That’s the downside of a great find, is you have to act fast, especially if you have a “popular” size that always seems to run out quickly.

Have you found any hot, spring deals? Share them below!


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