Statement Tees: How to Style

 Life is short, wear a statement tee!

When someone stops and stares at your top, you know you’re wearing a statement tee. If not, that’s just awkward huh? I sometimes have shied away from statement tees because I don’t really want people staring in that general area, especially guys, haha, but maybe some girls are just the opposite. Either way, with the right shoes and accessories, statement tees can totally look amazing and be the perfect casual outfit for just hanging out, or even a date depending on the shirt.

They are quite stylish and fun to wear. Plus, it usually says something or describes an aspect of yourself without you even opening your mouth. This can be good or bad of course, so definitely keep in mind what impression you are trying to give off when choosing these tees.

Another great feature about these tees is that they are normally on sale for a great price most places you go.

I’ve seen them paired with high-waisted short shorts quite a bit, but I think there’s a few other ways to make them look great as well. Here we go.

Tee + Skinny Jeans + Flats

The combination of tees, skinny jeans and flats is the easiest, most simple way to wear tees. This is something you’d wear when you’re on-the-go, doing everyday things. You can style this to your liking by tucking (or half-tucking) the shirt into the jeans.

8.21.2015 Statement Tees! Tee + Skinny Jeans + Flats

Tee + Print Bottoms

8.21.2015 Statement Tees! - Tee + Print Bottoms

This is another simple yet sassy outfit that screams fashion. If you’re not a fan of trousers or you don’t own one, you can use leggings, jogger pants, or whatever type of pants you prefer. I’m totally digging the floral print these days so I picked these adorable pants. Just make sure that when choosing prints, your tee is in neutral colors that match the pants somehow. Also, I chose this pair of lace up flats since we are going for trendy and casual, but a sexy pair of black pumps could easily substitute these if that’s more your style.


Crop Statement Tee + Midi Skirt

8.21.2015 Statement Tees! Crop Statement Tee + Midi Skirt

The combination of crop shirts and maxi skirts is one of hottest outfits this summer – who’s with me? I love maxi skirts because although they are a skirt, they are super comfy and breathable if you know what I mean. I chose some bright shoes and accessories to bring this outfit to life, and since the shirt mentions sunshine, yellow is totally appropriate J.

Hopefully this got your creative juices thinking and you’ll give statement tees a shot. There are many ways to style statement tees and I hope this gave you new ideas with things you probably already own.

Do you own a statement tee? What’s your favorite way to wear it? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 🙂




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