STEAL ALERT + Awesome Jewelry Roundup

You’ll Die!

UM I found this steal of a dress, and I had to come on and share this with you super fast! There is literally just a few of these dresses left so you need to go like right meow! Look how stinkin cute this is?! I absolutely love anything that helps sim and accentuate the waist, so not only is this dress something you could wear casual or formal, but that black midsection is sure to slim down your tummy. Also the white contrast up top will probably accent your breas.., I mean best features ;). It’s $9.50! And for you modesty conscious ladies, this is perfect! I know I’ll easily be able to wear this dress to church on Sundays, then glam it up with jewelry and accessories for a fancy event the next Friday night. The possibilities with this dress are endless once you start getting creative with accessories.  Steal fo sho! Click here to buy!

11.25.2015 Steal Alert! Steal of a Dress!

Since this is a shorter post, I figured I’d also find some great accessories that I think would look amazing with this dress.  Here is a jewelry roundup that would create different various looks for this dress. The obvious colors to wear are the ones already on the dress, orange, white, and black. However, I love adding some new color to block colored items like this, and the first one to come to mind was TURQUOISE! Probably because it’s my favorite color in general, but I also really love the contrast of it against ALL of these colors on the dress.  Let me know what you think. The links are listed at the bottom! And as always, all of these accessories are well under $50 and many under $25. But with a dress that’s less than $10, you’ll have a little more for some great accessories! You will also be able to wear these with other items currently in your closet :).

steal orange dress accessories


I gotta run, but just wanted to let you guys know of this before it’s too late and they run out of this awesome steal of a dress! mwah!




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