STEAL ALERT: MAC Eyeshadow Palettes

I know you ladies are on here for those great deals! MAC eye shadow palettes and their holiday kits are 25% off and of course I couldn’t resist. These are two of the palettes I bought. I love purple and realized I really don’t have any good purple eye shadows. What is wrong with me? I’m wearing the purple x9 MAC Palette in the first picture. I also realized green was lacking in my repertoire, so of course, the MAC Greenluxe palette here was also a MUST HAVE!

This purple palette is the perfect combination of matte and shimmery eye shadows. I love that I was able to have my inner lid shine and have my crease be deepened by these gorgeous matte shade. The possibilities here are endless! Click here to see another look I created with this palette.

MAC Eye Shadow Deal

Are you serious with these colors???

12.1.2015 MAC Eye Shadow Deal! shimmery palette

I don’t even feel like this picture really does it any justice. These colors are so rich and best of all, SHIMMERY! I know that matte is quite the trend these days, but holiday makeup just isn’t the same without glitters and shimmers if you catch my drift. I am so excited to create different looks with these! Try and catch this amazing sale if you can at Nordstroms! You won’t regret it I promise. If you do, I’ll buy it off you ;).

Stay tuned, I’m going to be posting more looks with both these palettes. More with the purple eye shadows, and some shimmer filled, holiday looks with the green palette ;).




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