Steal Alert: Nordstrom Shoe Sale

If you’ve been reading my posts the last few months, you know how much I love my cheetah print. On shoes, shirts, scarfs, anything! And since I know I’m not the only one that loves this print, I knew I had to share these amazing shoe steals with you that I found browsing through Nordstrom.

Check out these uber sexy Jessica Simpson pumps, and wait for it……they are on sale for 55% off at just $49.90! My favorite deals are the ones over 50% off, and this one is no exception. So heck ya, you better hurry before your size runs out, because it probably will. Unless you’re those lucky few that are a size 6, or a size 10 and your size is always available it seems like. Click here to see if they still have your size.

Nordstrom Shoe Sale 1.13.2016 Lepard Heels

Nordstrom Shoe Sale 1.13.2016 Lepard Heels Back



Also, I couldn’t help finding a few other favorites that were also discounted, and I thought you ladies would also love. For example, these ankle booties at 45% off. I love buying boots at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, because even when they are on sale, like these at just $34.99, I know they will last me a long time. I think ankle booties will be around for a while, and in a color like brown, you will be getting lots of great use out of them. Click here to check them out!

Nordstrom Shoe Sale 1.13.2016 Ankle boots brown leather front

Nordstrom Shoe Sale 1.13.2016 Ankle boots brown leather back



The other great find were these weatherproof knee high shiny black boots at 50% off! I recently bought my first pair of boots of this type, and let me tell you, if you live in a place like Utah, these are basically required! Unless you like ruining your shoes, or walking around with soggy, wet feet, then you do you girl.

Honestly though, it’s hard to find cute rain boots that aren’t obnoxiously patterned, or make you look like a construction worker. Not these though and I think you’ll agree. These are shiny, classy black, with a gold buckle that adds a feminine touch. It’s hard to find a great pair of boots that don’t cost an arm and a leg, but these are discounted and only $48.90. Even I, being the cheapskate I am, think this is a great deal and you will want to act fast if you want to snag a pair! Click here to see availability.

Nordstrom Shoe Sale 1.13.2016 Black Boot Front


Nordstrom Shoe Sale 1.13.2016 Black Boot Back


I love me a good Nordstrom shoe sale. There are many great deals right now on shoes, I just quickly found some that stood out to me and wanted to share with you ladies before your size runs out. I hate when I am “late” to a great sale that I would have totally bought if they had my size.

Which of these is your style? Leave me your thoughts and comments below!




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