How to Style a Branded Business Photoshoot

Hi Ladies!

I explain everything and go over all the details in the livestream I did in my private FB group. It is quite long but I created a “table of contents” so you can skip to whatever parts you want if you are short on time. It’s right on the description of the video which you can find by clicking HERE.

However, you all had quite a few questions aboutย hair and makeup products I had on for this specificย photoshootย (Old Hollywood/Vintage theme) and I wanted to have it all in one place to make it easier for you to browse! See the images below and scroll to the right to see more!

Also, for the questions about my hair, I curled my hair with a regular 1-inch iron, then pinned the curls to the top of my head until they were cooled. I curled the top layer towards my head instead of away, to create the Old Hollywood waves! The bottom was mostly away from my face! This look is great for brands with a classic, glamour, or feminine vibe!

I wanted to also include the dress I wore but they don’t have it online, but I found a couple similar ones from the same collection that I got mine from. It’s the Eva Mendes Collection from New York & Co. which I’m currently obsessed with. Seriously, you need to check it out for yourself, especially if you love a classy, timeless, put together type look! Just click on the dress image below to see more!

Also, here are some shots my hubs took during the shoot. He’s not too shabby eh?






Close up of my makeup!

If you have any questions on replicating this on yourself, or prepping for branded photoshoots in the future, comment below, or pop it into the FB group and I’ll get back to you!




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