Summer Workout Outfit and Staying Hydrated

Summer Workout Outfit and Staying Hydrated

We have a month left until summer is over. ONE MONTH! We know how fast a month flies.

I actually love summers in Utah because early in the morning or later in the evenings, the weather is perfect for a run, or bike ride outside. Personally, I have quite a strong dislike for treadmills, and most stationary machines for that matter. I feel like a hamster running in circles on his spinning wheel. So I say let’s soak up these last few weeks of summer weather and get our workouts in with mother nature.

Here is an outfit I found that actually resembles my typical workout outfit to a tee. An Under Armor tee with black bottoms and my Nikes. I don’t have a bright yellow color like this one but since this is a lighter color that will keep you nice and cool during your summer workout, I think I’ll need to add it to my collection of Under Armor tees.

summer workout outfit

My fitness tip today is quite simple. Stay hydrated! We all need water not just to avoid dehydration, but also to help us with our weight loss goals.  I have done a bit of research about it, and even if I hadn’t, this is a no brainer to any fitness enthusiast. Drink at least your basic eight glasses, if not more a day!

If you need more motivation, get yourself a super cute water bottle like this one I found that you would be excited about! I actually love stores like TJ Maxx for these, they have a ton of variety and it won’t cost an arm and a leg.

What about you? What’s your usual summer workout style that works for you? Share below!



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