What’s in my gym bag? Favorite Gear + Supps

My Gym Bag + Coral Workout Wear

Before I talk about my gym bag, I want to share a quick outfit with you for summer. I may have mentioned this, but I really love peach and coral shades. Hence, this summer workout outfit. Usually, workout apparel tends to be neutral colors, combined with super bright shades with, or without a wild print of some sort. Most of my outfits include a bright pink or coral top, with dark bottoms, usually black. I love wearing shades of coral pretty much any excuse I get, and the gym is no exception. And speaking of gym bags, how cute is this one?

gym bag

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to do a “what’s in my gym bag?” post for awhile. I always see the “what’s in your purse?” posts and I thought this could be fun too for all my fellow fitness ladies on the go!

I think there are some must-haves for every gym bag, depending on what your workout will be. My regular workouts include weightlifting and cardio of some sort. Right now I am working out around 6PM after I get off work, but if I ever go in the mornings, I have to pack everything I will need to get ready at the gym. This is actually why I don’t really go in the mornings, more to pack and I like to keep it to a minimum.

Here’s what I normally carry in mine.

  • Water bottle that I bring from work nice and full
  • My workout top and bottoms
  • Sports bra, underwear and socks
  • My trusty Nikes
  • Pre-workout. Here’s my current one and I really like it overall! I buy all my supps from bodybuilding.com….for most supps they are the cheapest!
  • Wireless headphones

  • Armband for my phone




  • Nike Training gloves I got from TJMaxx for $10. Here are some similar ones I found online!

Were you expecting anything else? If I am not going home right after my workout for whatever reason, I will bring a scoop of my favorite whey protein isolate in a Ziploc bag so I have some immediate fuel after pushing hard and depleting my muscles. I have tried many different ones, and this so far has been my absolute flavor. ISO 100 in Birthday Cake. OMG!! It mixes so well, and it taste great even with just water, and I’m super picky with the taste of proteins. The cheapest I have found it is on Bodybuilding.com and I buy the 5lbs one since my fiance always steals some too. It still lasts me forever tho and I get more for my money.


If you are weight training, good protein in your body is an absolute essential fuel to make sure you don’t lose any beautiful, hard-earned muscle tone. As women, we don’t need to be concerned with bulking, but weightlifting will definitely give us that definition our our bodies that makes people say DAAYYUM ;).

What about you? What are some of your gym essentials? Leave a comment below! 🙂



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