White Dress: How to Style

Styling a Plain White  Dress (or off-white)

There’s that unspoken fashion rule that you can’t really wear white until after Memorial Day.  Well, what are we waiting for? let’s pull out our favorite white dress, or maybe for some of us it’s time to invest in one. You might as well call this the “little black dress” of summer. You can take a white (or offwhite/cream) dress and really put together so many different outfits, depending on what shoes, jewelry, accessories, and even makeup you pair with it.

Since it’s almost summer, most of you are probably attending formal (or not) parties, or maybe a wedding. Wedding season is definitely upon us, and while it has always seemed a bit taboo to wear anything that’s close to white, that’s not really the case anymore. Take in point, one of my best friend’s weddings this past October. All of us bridesmaids wore off white. At first I was like, what is she thinking? really? Ok, can’t wait to pretend I’M the bride lol. But then doing a little more research, I realized she wasn’t that crazy.  Once I saw all her pictures I thought it looked incredible! Just make sure of course you know what the wedding colors are, and that if you aren’t part of the bridal party, that what you wear doesn’t interfere with that. That’s just good etiquette. Here’s a couple shots of just us bridesmaids.

plain white dress 2 may 29th 2015 plain white dress may 29th 2015

Isn’t that last shot in the dressing room so cute?! Yeah, it was my idea, no big J.

Speaking of, who are my summer brides in here?! Mine’s two months away, and I don’t think time could go any slower at this point haha. I didn’t know I could be so stoked, happy and nervous all at the same time! I love Matt SOO much and I’m really looking forward to spending eternity with him. He is totally my best friend and supporter in everything I do, even this blog. He’s edited many of my images and I’m just so grateful. Ok ok, end of mushy paragraph.

Anyway, where was I. So going back to white dresses, I’d like to share these three I found and three different ways you can accessorize a plain white dress.  I thought of a few ways to make them classy, cute, and bold. Check them out and let me know your thoughts! 🙂

White Dress + Silver + Red Lipstick

5.29.2015 Plain White Dress

Can you say GLAM BAM? White and silver is actually a great combo for weddings. You have prom going up? Save yourself the money on the long dress and check out these deals here on the links below. The combination is very alluring and sophisticated, so this outfit will definitely make you shine, literally. I would just make sure to pair with a bright lipstick, a red, or even a berry or rose color, and maybe a little time in the sun before so your skin is golden and glowing. Nothing like an ivory or white dress to contrast with tan skin. Personally, I am loving spray tans lately, since it doesn’t require acquiring cancer to be tan. Just make sure you go to a professional that knows what they’re doing, you don’t want to end up looking like an overgrown oompa loompa at your special occasion. If you’re in the Utah county area, I highly recommend Amara Spa and salon in Orem. I have always had such a positive experience there with my spray tans.

White Dress + Pink (or pastel color of choice)

5.29.2015 Plain White Dress Pink and White

White and pink (or any pastel color you prefer) will make a white dress charming and sweet. This one’s ideal for not-so-formal parties, or maybe a date depending on where you’re going. It’s plain, but the fur at the bottom part really adds some glam to it.  So obviously, this one works if you’re going for a more feminine and cute look.

I recommend a light blush lipstick, even if you choose another pastel that’s not this pink. If you’re on a budget, go to Target, Old Navy, TJ Maxx, or just right on Amazon , and get the ELF moisturizing lipstick in “Pink Minx” that’s seriously a whole $3 and it’s been one of my everyday, go-to lipsticks this year so far. It’s so soft, it feels like you are just wearing chapstick.


White Dress + Black


5.29.2015 Plain White Dress Black

The queen of all colors also matches with a white dress, too! I usually stay away from black because it just looks dark, so I suggest this one for parties. It’s very elegant and bold, something to wear to give your confidence an instant boost!

Match it with a darker shade of red lipstick to bring it all together and add color.


What’s your favorite white dress combination? Comment below! 🙂



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