How to Wear Winter Whites

How to Wear Winter Whites – By Blair Barrett

My sweet southern debutante of a mother raised me to NEVER wear white after Labor Day or before Easter.  I still avoid wearing white any time I know I’m going to see her during the “off-season” so I don’t have to go on a fashion guilt trip!  The classy and stylish lady that she is just will not let go of that outdated rule.  But I am here to tell you: WEAR ALL OF THE WHITE!!

I love the look of white during winter.  Bright white, off-white, grey-white, white lace, white denim.  Just do it!  There are, however, certain fabrics to avoid during the winter months such as eyelet and lighter cotton sundresses and skirts.

With that said, there are some great white pieces you can include in your winter wardrobe for a bright, modern look.

White Jeans

Winter White Clothing Grouping 1.11.2016

I love white jeans and jeggings year round.  In winter I try to pair them with darker and more neutral colors.  A dark turtleneck with a vest or jacket and some boots is a classy and cozy look that can take you from November through February.

White Skirt

Winter White Grouping 2 1.11.2016

My skirt is cream, but with the flowy fabric and drape, it definitely could be used as a summer skirt as well.  However, to pull off a flowy skirt in winter, you need to “weight it down” with some texture up top.  A chunky sweater, a dark chambray shirt, a plaid flannel button down or a fitted top with a vest will make this skirt appropriate for colder temperatures.  Also always remember to wear closed-toed heels or flats with winter white.  Otherwise your outfit will give a nod to warmer weather.  Tights are always a great thing to add, too!

White Dress

Winter Dresses 1.11.2016

I mentioned earlier to avoid white cotton sundresses in winter.  Some other options are lace, corduroy, chiffon, or another flowy fabric.  Dresses are great because they are a one-piece outfit, but I still like to add an extra item when I find something that works.  I have a white lace body-con dress and I like to add some heeled booties and a statement necklace, but you could also add a fitted blazer, a vest or a fur infinity scarf.  Combining textures also adds a cozy element that just screams, “winter!”


These are just my preference and guidelines for wearing white in winter.  A good rule of thumb is to think, “Does this make me think of snow or white sand beaches?”  If it’s the latter, try one of my tips to make it a little more “brrrr” worthy.







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